Alternative Natural Lotions and Moisturizers

Natural Moisturizers from Food

The food kingdom is a great source of alternative natural lotions for our skin. Not only are they many times cost effective, but they are easy to obtain and are often conveniently within our reach. Over the years of being actively involved in alternative ways to manage health and wellness, I’ve stumbled upon a number of favorite natural lotions that I alternate using. A few of these lotion alternatives are listed in the following paragraphs.

Olive Oil

I have this oil as a staple in my house, therefore it’s nice and easy to track down and use as a lotion alternative. I find that I get the best results by applying the extra virgin, cold pressed type of olive oil on my skin. It’s unprocessed and straight from the olive. Apply it to your skin in the shower after rinsing off the soap. In this way you rinse off any oil that is left leaving you with a pleasant thinner coating of healthy olive oil over your skin.

Coconut Oil

In the alternative health circles I was part of, it was common knowledge that coconut oil had the capability to maintain the health and elasticity of connective tissue. This made it a popular product with the anti-aging clients that frequented my health food store. This oil typically is sold in a solid form so you’ll need to scoop it out and spread it on your skin. As it warms up it will become liquefied and soak into your skin.

Almond Oil

I love almond oil. It’s my favorite straight up oil directly derived from food to use on my skin, mostly because it’s not too heavy and it soaks into my skin in no time. It’s best to get an unprocessed cold pressed type if you can and apply it after a shower. It has a nutty smell that I personally find pleasant.

Shea Butter

Commonly used as an additive to other lotions, shea butter is derived from the nut of the shea tree located in Africa. Using it on it’s own is great. It’s smooth and solidified and is another type of oil you would have to scoop and spread out onto your skin. If you can, try to use the unrefined type that hasn’t been tainted by the extraction process.