Caring for a Kidney Stone Sufferer

Passing a Kidney Stone is considered one of the most painful urinary conditions imaginable, and is often compared the pains experienced during child birth – by both physicians and female sufferers.

Among the few individuals unlucky enough to suffer from this rather rare and excruciating condition is my husband. He has woken me up many a late night or early morning with the news of a newly emerged stone, absolutely miserable, and wishing to visit the Urologist or emergency room as soon as humanly possible.

Over the past four years, I have watched him pass stones both small and moderately-sized to even a few large specimens which required professional intervention such as breaking down or even physical removal. Along the way, I have studied up on the causes and treatment of Chronic Kidney Stones, and have learned a great deal about the proper at-home care required for treating this painful condition.

Tips for caring for a Chronic Kidney Stone sufferer at home when passing a stone include:

Make this person as comfortable as possible. Create a soothing environment in a cool and somewhat dim room. Creature comforts such as additional pillows, heating pads, and heated blankets can make all the difference in the world.

Insure that your “patient” is drinking plenty of clear fluids, as prescription pain medications often cause moderate to severe constipation.

While the myth of cranberry juice having the ability to “flush out” a kidney stone is absolutely false, the juice is known to improve over-all urinary health. One eight ounce glass a day is not a bad idea.

Keeping the person’s strength up is important, as is avoiding additional lower torso pain. Avoid stomach upset caused by medication or indigestion by serving several small meals a day rather than three large meals. Avoid serving spicy or highly acidic food and drinks.

Be sure that the sufferer is using his or her strainer every time he or she urinates. It is absolutely necessary to urinate through a strainer in order to note when the stone is passed and collect the stone for testing by the treating Urologist. It is best to keep an extra strainer at home for future appearances of stones.

Passing a kidney stone is never an easy task for a Chronic Kidney Stone sufferer, and this condition may also lead to stress and worry experienced by the patients spouse and or family members. With proper medical care and a well controlled environment at home, Chronic Kidney Stones sufferers should be able to relax while experiencing as little pain as possible.