Child Eye Injuries Treatment and First Aid

Children can get into all kinds of scrapes and situations, but one of the most terrifying kinds of injuries is one that affects the eyes. There are several kinds of eye injuries that a child can have. For instance, you have minor eye irritation wherein a small particle like hair, dust, or soap can enter the eye and cause some pain.

Dealing with this kind of eye problem is easily done at home with water. Make sure to use lukewarm water, never hot in flushing out the foreign body. You should also never try to wipe the object off the eye with a towel or napkin. This is because it could irritate or damage the cornea and cause a more serious eye problem.

A more serious eye injury would be if something penetrates the eye. Initially, you should cover the area with a cup to prevent anything else from irritating the eye, and possibly causing an eye infection. Do not remove the object on your own. You will need to bring the child to an emergency room where a trained medical expert can professionally apply the right eye treatment.

Older children may come home with a black eye, a contusion, or an eye injury from a blunt object. Treating these will depend on the situation. For instance, a black eye may only be trauma to the eye and superficial. On the other hand, it could also include a head trauma or a serious eye injury like hyphema which is bleeding in the eye area. The problem with hyphema is the damage it could cause to your cornea and vision.

Glaucoma, or too much pressure in the eye is another possible effect from a black eye. To make sure that the black eye is not more than a bruise, bring your child to an eye doctor as soon as possible. Immediately, the eye treatment you can provide would be to apply a cold cloth over the affected area. You can do this by getting some ice and wrapping these with a towel. Never apply the ice directly over the affected eye. Watch out for continuous eye pain, increasing redness, vision changes, or a change in the appearance of the eyeball. You can also give acetaminophen as part of your eye treatment, but avoid ibuprofen or aspirin because these can cause more bleeding.

If any household chemical should get in contact with your child’s lazy eye, it is important to flush the eyes with lukewarm water as soon as possible, then seek medical assistance to avoid eye infection. An eye doctor will be able to help your child more quicker if you can provide the name of the chemical, or even bring a sample with you when you go to the emergency room.

In the case of eye injuries to children, it is always safer to seek medical attention than to wait for it to get worse. In many cases, eye injuries is a preventable injury, so if you have children around the house, take all the necessary safety measures. If they are into sports, provide them with adequate eye gear to protect them for any serious eye injury.

How To Deal With An Eye Injury From A Blunt Instrument

One of the most traumatic injuries anyone could sustain is an eye injury. Eyesight is a vital part of our senses, and the risk of losing your vision, either partially or totally is high when one of your eyes, or both are hit by a blunt instrument. Eye injuries from a blunt instrument could damage your eyelid, cornea, sclera, conjunctiva, lens, the tissues around the eyes, or your iris. It could also get as serious as affecting the optic nerve and retina.

There are different kinds of blunt eye trauma like the black eye, retinal detachment, hyphema, bleeding, lens displacement, and a tear in the iris. Each scenario will have distinct eye treatment. In other words, you cannot assume that the treatment for any eye injury is one and the same.

When you are having eye problems due to an eye injury, the first step would be to seek first aid as soon as possible. If you can, bring the blunt instrument that caused the eye injury when you visit the eye doctor or got to the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

In the case of a black eye, do not be dismayed with the blackish discoloration. This is a result of the blood seeping into the skin around the eye. Ordinarily, a black eye will be more a cosmetic problem than a serious eye problem. However, never assume this, rather, have an eye doctor see your eye to rule out any serious damage.

One complication that you might have when you sustain an eye injury from a blunt instrument is difficulty in opening your eyes. This is because the affected eye will shut close due to swelling and inflammation. However, eye treatment requires the eye doctor to find a way to open the eye and examine it for vision problems.

Retinal detachment as a result of trauma from a blunt instrument will need immediate eye treatment. If not, the entire retina may tear off, and this will cause major vision loss. At the start, you may just see floating stars, and your vision will be slightly blurred. However, this can advancer quickly and result in blindness. One way an eye doctor can resolve this situation is to recommend eye laser surgery to re-attach the part of the retina that is pulling away.

Hyphema, which is basically bleeding in the eye also result in vision loss because the blood could be putting too much pressure on the cornea or the eye. If immediate medical attention is sought, the doctor will be able to relieve the pressure with eye drops and complete bed rest, and avert permanent damage to the affected eye.

As you can see, with any eye problem arising from an eye injury should never be taken lightly. It does not matter if you feel pain or not because you need to make sure to rule out the chances of vision loss and do your utmost to protect your eyes.