CLA Safflower Oil Reviews – Does it work for weight loss ?

CLA Safflower Oil is a new dietary supplement that has recently hit the market claiming that it reduces the body weight with no diet and no exercise. Is it really possible to reduce the body weight easily only taking a pill? This would be the first question that pops up when you see their bold claim.


CLA Safflower Oil ReviewsWhat is CLA Safflower oil?

Released at the beginning of the year 2016, CLA Safflower oil is a dietary supplement that comes as soft gel capsules.  This supplement received limelight status soon after it came to market as it was claiming for possible weight loss with increased muscle mass. The main ingredient being safflower oil, it does contain other organic ingredients in those tiny shell caps. This supplement can only be purchased through online and the company who is producing the supplement is still a secret. Being manufactured in US in a FDA registered laboratory, we can assume that the company that is manufacturing this supplement might be based in US.

CLA Safflower oil claims for the following benefits

1) increased weight loss

2) decreased appetite

3) increased lean muscles

4) improve mood.

If you are eager to know from when these benefits can be noticed in a person then it differs for each one of them. Some might see the results immediately where as some might show delayed results.

Safflower oil for weight loss

Does CLA Safflower oil work for weight loss?cla safflower oil diet for weight loss

A miraculous weight loss plant is the other name given by manufacturer to the Safflower. Being a new product, this supplement doesn’t have much of reviews but Safflower oil as such seems working for weight loss.

This supplement claims that they have more ingredients in addition to its main ingredient Safflower oil which promotes weight loss actively so we can expect it to work but cant guarantee a 100 percent result for all.  Why because safflower oil itself has got mixed reviews of some consumers finding it extremely useful in reducing their weight where as some say it shows moderate weight loss and for some it is completely inefficient. We do have a plus side with safflower oil as it seems to  generate no side effects which is much relieving to note since the more powerful the drug is more side effect it produces. So, it is safer to try safflower oil as it seems to be safe than other products available in the market.

What does CLA Safflower oil really do?

Safflower is one of the richest source of linoleic acid, where as CLA means “conjugated linoleic acid” which is known for its ability to decrease cholesterol. The manufacturers  are unclear in explaining their claim of how it decreases the body weight but they do claim that it blocks fat, increases serotonin and suppresses appetite. All together, you would definitely experience a good feeling. 80 percent of CLA concentration is the one recommended for good results which is what exactly have been included in this supplement.

What are the other ingredients present in conjugated linoleic acid Safflower oil?

The major ingredient being safflower oil, it seems the amount present is 1000 mg per capsule. The other ingredients present are oat bran, black walnut hull, flax seed, papaya leaf extract, aloe Vera, apple pectin, prune extract and L.acidophilus. But, the amount in which these extra ingredients are present are not clearly mentioned. Rest of the ingredients being plant origin, probiotic might be possibly form diary products and the gelatin substance of which the capsule is made of is  an animal by product.


Is using this oil safe?

Be aware that this oil might trigger allergies so it is better to consult with your physicians if you are allergic prone. The other ingredients present in this supplement are also harmless but make sure to check if you are sensitive to any of the ingredient present. It is highly recommended that you should consult your doctor before opting for this supplement if you are suffer any kind of health condition. Also not suitable for children under 18 and pregnant ladies.

What are the benefits of CLA safflower oil?

High deposits of conjugated linoleic acid in this soft gels have shown potential amount of weight loss on causal users. It can not show effective results on all of them who pick this supplement but can definitely help a high number of people. Safflower oil is a heart healthy oil which decreases cholesterol and prevents cardio vascular diseases even if it is not showing effective weight loss in you. The most important point to note that it can give you no side effect when you compare other weight loss supplement designed specifically to serve this purpose. The other ingredients present can also proves to be helpful in better digestion and mild detox effects. So, even if you don’t experience an increased weight loss you can definitely expect a positive health.

Why to choose conjugated linoleic acid Safflower oil?

If you are interested in choosing Safflower oil for active weight loss, this product proves to be beneficial for its high concentration  unlike other products. A 30 day money guarantee can help you to fetch your refund if you feel that that these soft get capsules are not the right one for you. Be aware that this refund will not apply to opened products only for those who have changed their mind in using this product can return.


Where can I buy it?

You can order a bottle with 30 capsules for $49 from their official website with extra shipping fee of $9.95 within US. The company do ship to other companies whose shipping charges varies. When you order for the product, you would be charged $59 rather than $49 but would get a main in rebate to get $10 refund. You can opt for larger pack where in a pack contains 3 or 5 bottles whose price differs.


The high amount of conjugated linoleic acid present in this supplement aids in weight loss and is a good option to try experimenting. Being one of the safest natural weight loss solution, CLA safflower oil can be expected to provide good results to many of its users .

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