Free body lotion samples

Your Skin is like a mirror which shows how much you care for your self. Taking care of your skin is important in order to look and feel beautiful. There are dozens of  body lotions available in the market and how can you find out which one will suit you better?. Some body lotions are suitable for specific skin types, some are limited to apply only on face, neck and hands, some might provide anti ageing benefits and this list is not complete yet. For each and every person, the skin differs and so the body lotion to. It is difficult to pick the perfect one for you unless you try by yourself.


Free body lotion samples

So, you are trying a new lotion to see whether it suits your skin type and how well it address your unique skin care concerns. In this process, if you are not happy with that body lotion then you might not love to continue using it. Finally, you are disappointed to know that after investing so much money in a body lotion, you end up not liking it. What will you do in this situation? Will you throw the high priced body lotion in garbage or continue using it because you have paid a huge amount for it? This seems to be a tricky question, isn’t it? Yes, whatever you decide to do but ultimately you feel that you have lost so much money for the product that you really don’t love. Here comes a solution for this and it is Free body lotion samples. Does it sound interesting to you? Then you would definitely love to know more about it.

Free body lotion samples by mail

Free body lotion samples are really convenient to use without spending even a penny. Cool, isn’t it?

What are the advantages of Free body lotion samples?

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Let us consider a situation, where in you are on a road trip for a long time and You need to apply a body lotion several times a day. Would you prefer to carry a big lotion bottle in your hand bag or a handy sample pouch which doesn’t occupy much space? These sample sized pouches or bottles are so ideal to use on the go. These free body lotion samples can not replace your big bottle anyway but it comes handy in mos of the situations.  The most important benefit is that you are not paying for these samples and they are totally free.

Why do companies prefer to give free body lotion samples?

The companies who manufacture the body lotions do give free samples for the following reasons.

  • Spread awareness: If the company have not achieved a big brand name, then these free samples might help them to spread the awareness about their product. If the people who have used the free samples love the product then they will definitely buy them.
  • Get feedback about their product: A sampling program will definitely help those companies to get feedback and reviews about that product. The people who have used the sample includes bloggers and website owners, whose reviews can be more effective.
  • Surprise the existing customers: Sending free body lotion samples to already existing customer would definitely surprise them also gives an opportunity to express the thankfulness to a loyal customer.
  • Winner or loser: Through sampling, the companies can find out whether their product will be a winner after launching  it. They can very well get feedback and reviews based on that they can conclude whether this product will be a hit or not.  If the results are not satisfying, then the company make few tweeks to make it a best seller.

How to get free body lotion samples?

It is so irritating if you are asked to fill in loads of surveys before you get a free body lotion samples. In some cases, there will be negative scams involved with them too. So,it is better to know safe ways to obtain free body lotion samples from the company.

  • Approaching the company by writing them is a better way to get free body lotion samples. You can visit their website and get the contact information to write an email to them.
  • Some genuine websites do send free body lotion samples, you need to spend some time to find these websites and request for free samples.
  • Social media like Facebook, twitter, etc are a better way to approach to get free body lotion samples.  All you need to do is like their page and follow them regularly. Many companies prefer to send free samples to their Facebook follower first.
  • Some online giants who sell products, like Amazon do allow people to write reviews.  Top reviewer do get an opportunity to get free body lotion samples shipped to them.
  • A blogger who reviews about the latest products can definitely request for free body lotion sample from the company. You can become a reviewer and get the samples.
  • There are test groups available, you can join these test groups to test the latest products and give your feedback.
  • Your favourite beauty store do give free body lotion samples, try requesting for one from the sales person.

Important points to be noted:

  • It is better to create a separate email address when you are requesting for free body lotion samples. These companies never spam your email but it is better to stay on the safer side.
  • These free body lotion samples are limited and you can not request more for one address.
  • Be patient after requesting for these samples, it might take to reach your house.
  • If you are not going to use a product, then simply requesting for one and pilling up in our house is of no use. Never request a product which you will never use.
  • If you are lucky, sometimes instead of free body lotion samples, the company might send you a free coupon to purchase the full product itself.
  • These free body lotion samples are minimised and you can use it for one to four times.
  • Some company do prefer to send a coupon to get discount on the original product along with free body lotion sample. You can definitely utilise them when you really loge the product.


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