Free Make up samples

Free Makeup Samples by mail

If you are a person who loves to try variety of makeup products that are inline to latest trends then these free make up samples will look impressive to you. I can understand your craze to try those latest products, be it a lipstick or a hair mousse but pouring your hard earned money into them before even you know whether it works for you might sound crazy, isn’t it? True and without stretching your wallet you can try new products that hits market will be a better option.


Free Make up samples

How to get free Make up samples in Mail?

You can receive these free make up samples through mail after requesting them. Free make up samples of top brands are available to try. You can approach those companies by writing to them to send free make up samples to try, so that you can give them your reviews about the product. A new trend is also emerging of people writing to these popular brands to get the free make up samples. The best way to request is through their website, you will be able to see “About us” or “Help” or “Contact us” option in their website. Click on those options and fill in their online form and submit. Some companies give their email address to write an email, you can send an email to this email address requesting for free make up sample.

How to get free make up samples from the stores?

How much exciting will it be when you visit your favourite beauty store? This excitement is far behind to be explained in words. But, have you ever requested for a free make up sample from your beauty store? No, then you should do once to try those latest beauty products for free. Departmental store counters can even give you free samples. It all depends on how to request them and you can definitely walk away with a free make up sample.

How to get free make up samples from Test groups?

Wondering what are test groups?? There are few product test groups available and their work is to test the latest products and give their feedback. You can join any of these groups and grab an opportunity to try latest make up products. You will be asked to fill in few surveys and you even get full product after testing.


Free Makeup samples

How to place an order and get free make up samples?

Some of the beauty stores regularly send free make up samples while you place order with them through online. All you need to do is find out those sites and place order to get those free make up samples. You will be given an option to request for free makeup samples while you check out. In some websites, they will let you to choose the free make up sample of your wish.

How to get free makeup samples through Facebook?

All you need to do is like the Facebook page of these companies. Companies prefer to give out free make up samples to their Facebook fans first and definitely you will be one among them to receive.

Why do these companies send samples?

In today’s internet world, there are lots of blogs and websites that write about cosmetics, beauty products, etc. In fact, write ups done on beauty products are most demanding and see increased traffic. They request the company to send free samples to them so that they can try and give their reviews in their blogs or websites. Some companies even take initiative to give away free make up samples on their own without people requesting, one among them  is keeping inside popular magazines as a free bee. It is really good that companies are giving away free make up samples but, why do these companies prefer to send free make up samples anyway?

  • It is relatively cheaper to manufacture mini size samples and they can easily afford to send samples.
  • One of the ways to attract customers, if you like the samples the probability of purchasing the product is more. You may even recommend these products to your friends or family either through word of mouth or even in your blog.
  • Apart from you requesting, some companies voluntarily send free make up samples of their latest product with the product that you order from them. If you like the free sample definitely you end up buying the product and hence boosts the sales of that product.

Tips for getting free make up samples:

Here are the tips that will come handy if in case you are pretty new and don’t know how to go about requesting free make up samples.

  • First, you make a list of makeup products that you really love and their company names. This will help you to identify correctly on which company’s products that you use and would love to try.
  • Browse their website to get the contact information. After getting the contact information, type in an email to them. Start your email with a small introduction about yourself, your personal experience about their product, next write them on how many people recommend their product and finally request for free make up samples. Your letter needs to be sincere and should express on how much you love their product.
  • Never ask for free make up sample bluntly or at the beginning of the letter.
  • When you are requesting free make up samples from a departmental store, after patiently you hear on what the sales person talks about their product. You tell them that you are really interested in those products but would love to try a sample first before you go about purchasing. After getting the free sample don’t forget to t hank the sales person and even if the sales person refuses to give you instead of getting angry try in different counter.
  • There will be free promotions or campaigns going on in your beauty store, so check your local paper or online to find out what promotions are happening.

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