Home Remedies for Acne


Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by changes in the sebaceous glands. Acne is common during puberty, causes spots to develop on the face, back and chest. This may be caused by hormonal fluctuation or stress or by many dead skin cells or by bacteria in pores of skin etc. Most people who have acne are teenagers or young adults, but acne can occur at any age . About 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne. Here you will find Home Remedies for Acne , which can be done by yourself.

Acne is caused when tiny holes are sebaceous glands on skin get  blocked. They will appear as spots on the skin and the spots may be like anything as mentioned below.

home remedies for acne

home remedies for acne

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  • Black heads : small black or yellowish bumps white heads
  • Papules : similar to blackheads but they can be firmer and have a white centre.
  • Nodules : Painful and they are large hard lumps that build up beneath the surface of the skin
  • Pustules : white tip in the centre that is caused by a build-up of pus and similar to papules.
  • Cysts : pus filled lumps that look similar to boils leads to permanent scars so its a serious type of spot caused by acne.

Let us see the home remedies for acne commonly found in most kitchens.

  • Honey is the best home remedies for acne scars on skin . Having antibacterial properties honey remove not only the acne scars but also the acne permanently .
  •  Take one part of cider vinegar to three parts of water and mix it well . Apply on your skin using a cotton ball and leave it for ten minutes or overnight . After that wash your skin this is the nice remedy to remove acne on the skin. This is the best home remedies for acne overnight.
  •  One more good home remedies for acne scars is rosewater . Apply rosewater on your skin overnight may remove your scars permanently.
  •  Paste of  Baking soda and water is also another home remedy to remove acne . It closes the pores of skin.Apply the paste on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it gently with cold water. Another good acne home remedies.
  •  Mix two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon and apply the mask on spots and leave it .Wash it off is also an easy home remedy to remove acne marks on skin.
  •  Freshly cut lemon juice is another tip to remove acne scars apply the juice on face leave it on overnight. But it makes your skin sensitive so that don’t expose the area to sunlight .
  •  A paste of Yoghurt or milk and honey should apply thoroughly on your face until you get a thick layer, let it be dry for 15 minutes after that wash your face with cool water. This will cleans your face and best home remedy for acne and of course a moisturiser too.
  •  Add lime juice to groundnut oil and apply on your face. This works well as  a home remedy for acne marks removal.
  •  A paste or pulp of tomato mixed with water and apply on skin ,if it causes pain just try this once a day.
  •  Apply egg whites on your face to form a thick layer of 4 or 5 .Just pat it dry for 20 minutes and wash it with cool water and after that apply moisturiser .
  •  Apply a piece of raw potato on skin so that it can heal the portion of acne. It  is a simple home remedy for acne.
  •  Applying ice on your face may close your pores and they restricts the irritation of that particular portion.
  •  Mix about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with one teaspoon of turmeric and make a paste and apply. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. This is a herbal home remedy to get rid of acne.
  •  Take tomato pure and mix with lemon juice and apply on darkened skin for 20 minutes. This is also a good tip to remove acne on skin.
  •  Rinse your face with water and apply the papaya paste and leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water . This is a natural remedy for acne.
  •  Clean your face first and then apply the paste of oranges and wait for 30 minutes and apply moisturizer after cleaning . Within few minutes you can observe huge change on the scars. This is best home remedies for acne scars.
  •  Another home remedies for acne is dilute tea tree oil by mixing with water and apply on your face by using a cotton ball .Try this for at least a week you will get the best results.
  •  Another way to remove scars at home is apply almond oil on the scar and massage it twice a day for at least a month and this will definitely reduce the scar. This is best home remedies for back acne treatment.
  •  Apply the paste of Soaked fenugreek seeds and leave it for 1 hour and it will very helpful in removing acne  scars on skin.
  •  Simple and another best home remedy for acne treatment at home is that apply turmeric powder on face directly (Turmeric powder +Water) As turmeric is an antiseptic , it will heal acne scars. This can be acne scars home remedies treatment but with little pain.
  •  A paste of Strawberries to be mixed with honey and mix them well and apply to your face and wait for 20 minutes.Try this pack for thrice a week will give you best results with this acne scars home remedies.
  •  Simple home remedy which is very helpful in removing acne is banana . Take a banana and rub this in circular motion on your face and leave it for half an hour . After that wash it off.
  •  To remove stretch marks from skin is apply olive oil or castor oil or a mixture of coconut and olive oil and massage it deep into the skin before going to bed and next morning clean it with cold water .
  •  To remove acne scars from skin try the paste of neem on affected areas for 20 minutes and after that remove the pack as neem is antiviral and anti fungal leaf.
  •  Add turmeric powder and neem leaves paste to rose water mix it well and apply the paste on face or on pimples directly and wait for 30 minutes and wash your face is another home remedy to remove acne.
  •  To get rid of acne on overnight just try the mixture of sandal wood powder and neem and apply this for 30 minutes will definitely works well to remove scars or pimples .
  •  Take garlic juice and mix with water and apply on spots with cotton and leave it for 10 minutes . Garlic is antiseptic and available in kitchen too will help you to remove acne .
  •  Stir the paste of Avocado and honey well and apply this to your skin and leave this for 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water .Try this for at least thrice a week.
  •  Crushed mint leaves is a natural remedy to remove acne . Apply juice of mint to your face and dry it . Wash with cold water and this gives you clear skin.
  •  Another tip which is available in our kitchens is tea bag  .Take a green tea bag in a bowl and pour boiling water over them and steep it for 4 minutes and letting it to comfortable temperature and apply this water on your face by using cotton ball. This is also an effective treatment to remove acne .

These all are the various ways in which acne scars home remedies can be applied. Choose the  best  home  remedies for acne that suits your skin and get your acne scars treated easily.

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