How To Get Ripped Abs Fast

How To Get Ripped Abs Fast

You want to know how to get ripped fast? If you do you’ve come to the right place. Before we begin explaining how to tweak your workout and diet to accelerate you metabolic system to start loosing weight, there are some facts that you should know.

First and foremost there are a lot of different ways to accomplish this goal. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to do this but some ways are more effective. I get a lot of questions about weightlifting routines like How To Get Ripped Abs Fast?  Should I or can I- do high reps, low reps, powerlift, cardio, etc. The short answer is yes you can. You can do whatever you would like but keep in mind what your goals are. You want to loose weight and retain as much muscle as possible to give you that shredded look.

You want to make sure and include strength training to help you retain that muscle. If you just focus on cardio you will loose weight a lot faster if you do not lift weights because we will be loosing muscle mass at the same time.  You need to choose a workout regimen that build muscle and burns fat at the same time. If you perform only cardio or only weight lifting,  you can’t expect to get ripped fast.

Workout for How To Get Ripped Abs Fast

Start combining the cardio and weight training to achieve the best results.

You should limit your cardio to 20 minutes. By doing this you will limit how much muscle your body cannibalizes. The best time to do cardio is in the morning before you eat or after your  workout. These times are optimal for fat loss because your body has burnt off its glycogen(sugar) reserve and will be ready to burn fat. Be careful doing lots of cardio after hard weightlifting workouts. It is easy to overt rain when you are restricting the amount of calories you take in each day.

Circuit training

Another way to boost your metabolic rate is circuit training. A simple example of circuit training would be:

  • one set of curls 2×10 reps
  • followed by 45 seconds of jumping rope
  • repeat 5 times

When doing a workout like this you will look to use a weight that is around 70% your maximum weight you can lift for that exercise. You don’t want to over do it and try to go to failure. Remember the whole purpose of this exercise is to get your metabolic rate up and burn fat not completely exhaust yourself.

You must avoid overstraining at all times. The weight training regimen that you choose shouldn’t be too complicated. That way you can stick to it while keeping yourself motivated until the end. To get the best results you have to focus on stimulating the muscles. You must increase the intensity of your workouts for best results.

Be careful when doing cardio and weight training at the same time. It is very easy to over train when you are on a calorie restricted diet.  You have to determine some intervals that you can perform about three to four times a week. Some people prefer to do cardio workouts as interval training but either way take a day off ever 3 to 4 minimum to give your body a chance to heal. Doesn’t mean you can’t walk, hike, swim, etc. Just make sure it isn’t to taxing.


A diet plan is the most important part to getting that ripped body you want as quickly as possible. You should eat right to avoid excess calories. To do this, you can consult an experienced dietician or nutritionist or just buy a food journal. You will want to track all the food you consume at each meal and how many calories it has.  There is a need to eat nutritious foods like fruits, veggies, oatmeal, nuts, protein shakes, lean meats, and other nutritious foods. You will only be taking in so many calories each day so you want to make sure they have as much vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

If you are able to combine weight training with proper diet, you can lose fat quickly and show off the beautiful lean muscle. It isn’t easy at first especially if you’re used to eating foods that contain preservatives and other artificial ingredients. Avoid snack foods and junk foods that are loaded with calories.

The only problem with eating right is the fact that each person is unique and will react differently to the foods that are being ingested in the body. Nutrition experts emphasize that in order to lose weight, there is a need to consume fewer carbohydrates. A variable factor in getting ripped is the amount of carbs, and this is generally influenced by genetics. If you’re the type of individual who is able to control hunger, you are in luck.

Another fact that you should know is that too low carbs can make a person hungry all the time. By simply finding the balance, you can make a difference and stick to your diet plan no matter how much you want to eat. You must be reminded that to lose fat you should cut back on calories. What happens inside the body is that the stored fats are burned to supply the body with energy. Unless you reach this point no matter how much you exercise you will not loose weight.

To make sure that your body is loaded with energy before working out, you must eat good sources of carbs in the morning. Since the body needs to rest, you should have a separate diet plan to build muscle.

For starters, you can eat oats, wholegrain bread, and four egg whites for breakfast. During snacks, you can eat 2 apples and oatcakes. For lunch, you can have a turkey sandwich using wholegrain bread, Swiss cheese, and turkey meat. The mid afternoon snack can be black coffee, 2 citrus fruits, and protein shakes. Dinner time is great for brown rice, broccoli and stir fried chicken. If you want to take a midnight snack, you can go for a protein shake or frozen yogurt.

Calorie Rotation

When considering how many calories you should consume each day I take an unusual approach. I have tried every viable approach that I have every came across but nothing has every been as effective as rotating my calories. I can’t stand to be hungry every day. I have found that I do a good job cutting calories for a couple but will fall off or become sluggish if I don’t eat. I also believe that it is more effective when trying to loose weight. Remember your body is naturally programmed to try to survive. When you cut calories your body doesn’t know you are trying to loose weight. As far as it knows you are starving. By rotating your calories your body is less likely to think it is starving.

If you are tracking calories, rotating them will be easy. Below is a list of how I rotate my calories. I use what my maintenance level is then use a percentage of it to rotate. You can change the percent but remember these numbers will help you loose weight fast but with minimal muscle atrophy. You want to loose weight fast then drop the numbers, slower just raise them.

how to get ripped abs easy

Not sure what your calorie maintenance level is. You can google them or just click here. Once you enter the information requested you will have you calorie maintenance number.

Final Words

You need to stick with the meal plan for as long as you’re doing the workouts to get lean muscle. For a regular individual or a body builder, excessive workouts are also not good. Just as the cliché goes – too much of anything is bad for the body. The rest period is very important if you want to get ripped. If you don’t allow your body to rest and rejuvenate, it can be hard to achieve your fitness goals.

A professional trainer can help you in choosing the perfect workout regimen that can help you in getting ripped. However, if you don’t want the extra cost, you can read my blog or click here. By doing things on your own, you are able to save money, and you can also enhance self discipline. Good luck and get ripped today with this How To Get Ripped Abs Fast guide !

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