How to Lucid Dream Tonight – Best guide to Lucid Dreaming

How to Lucid Dream Tonight Easily

In this post you will learn many Tips on How to Lucid Dream Tonight easy. Have you ever wondered how to have a lucid dream tonight? This is a perfect thing to do especially if you’ve had a bad day and you want to start the next day fresh. With lucid dreaming, you have the power to control what you want to dream about. You also have the benefit of remembering the nice dream that you’ve had. No wonder why lots of people want to have lucid dreams. Good sound sleep is necessary to go into lucid dreaming. For this one might need to be stress free. See how to relieve stress easily after the daily day to day activities here.

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Lucid Dreaming Definition

But before we discuss how to lucid dream tonight , let’s talk about what lucid dreams are and what are its benefits. As mentioned earlier, lucid dreaming is controlling what you want to dream about. It is also being conscious that you are dreaming while you are having a deep sleep. This occurs when a person is experiencing something unusual which causes him or her to question his/her reality. The more a person becomes aware that he or she is dreaming, the more he or she has the power to change the content of his/her dream.


The thing is, lucid dreaming needs a lot of practices. But there is a faster way for you to have lucid dreams. You just need to increase your acetylcholine level. We will discuss more of it later on.

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Advantages of Lucid Dreaming.

There are lots of benefits that you will get if you know how to lucid dream tonight. Below are


  •  Make your fantasies more alive. Your dreams will be clearer if you know how to lucid dream in one night. When we say clearer, it means you can recall what you have dreamt last night. Imagination is your limit. Hence, if you want to dream about your secret crush kissing you, it will surely happen to your dream.
  • Fall asleep faster. If you have insomnia, lucid dreaming is the best therapy. Nightmare will also appear less. You will have a well-rounded sleep at night.
  •  Feel refreshed the next day. Since lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming, you will feel refreshed after a goodnight sleep. Thus, facing the reality becomes easier for you.
  •  Looking for solutions for your dilemma. If you have a problem, you can use lucid dreaming to find a solution for it. You just need to follow the steps on how to have a lucid dream tonight which will be discussed later on.

How to have a Lucid Dream Tonight

Now that you know the benefits, it’s time for you to know how to lucid dream tonight. There are 8 simple steps on how to lucid dream in one night.

  1. The first step is to have a dream journal. When you’ve had lucid dreams, you need to keep your journal close to you. Put the pen and the journal on the side of your table. Once you wake up, write down all the details that you remember in your dream. This will help you identify the patterns of your dreams and it will also help you realize that you are actually dreaming. Furthermore, keeping a journal of your dreams will enhance your recall and you’ll experience more lucidity.
  2. Next is, you need to take supplements that will improve your acetylcholine level. Acetylcholine controls your REM sleep and lets you become conscious of your dreams. If your acetylcholine level is high, you will see your dreams vividly and the chances of having lucid dreams will increase.
  3. You also need to increase your melatonin level if you want to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin connects information regarding your surroundings to various parts of your body. With the help of melatonin, it will be easier for you to fall asleep at night and become aware of your environment during the day.
  4. To increase your melatonin level, you need to turn off the lights and sleep in a complete darkness. You also need to sleep and wake up at a very same time every single day. Finally, you need to eat foods that will increase your melatonin level. Some of those foods are cherries, almonds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds.
  5. Meditating before going to sleep is also a good way to have lucid dreams. The act of meditation helps you reach a pleasant self-awareness which is also what lucid dreams aim for. Meditation is an act of sensing, watching, feeling, and listening.
  6. For you to have lucid dreams, you need to meditate several minutes before going to sleep. Find a position that will relax your mind and body. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift. Feel your breathing. Don’t interact with your breathing or think of anything else. Feel the tremors as it enters your mouth and enjoy your existence with a complete presence.
  7. You also need to remind yourself that you need to remember your dream before going to sleep. You need to tell a mantra before going to sleep. You need to tell yourself that you want to have a dream; you want to be conscious that you are dreaming and you want to remember what your dream is about. This procedure will instruct your brain to realize that you’re dreaming, particularly in the pre-sleep phase.
  8. When you are dreaming, make sure that you will do a reality check. Try to pinch yourself or write a word on your palm using your finger. If you pinched yourself and you felt no pain, it means that you’re dreaming. The same thing goes to the latter test. If you can put your finger over your palm, it means you are dreaming.
  9. You also need to pay attention to special objects. Dreams do not only include the person that you want to dream about. It also includes the settings. Pay attention to the surroundings. If the surrounding is blurry, it means you are dreaming.

Finally, you need to set your alarm clock 30 minutes before you actually wake up. This will give you time to sleep and finish the REM phase. So those are the steps on how to lucid dream tonight. Doing these procedures will give you a goodnight sleep in a long run.

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The Simple Way On How To Have A Lucid Dream

Most of us always experience dreaming. Some are good dreams and others are bad or nightmares. Often, there are dreams that we wish to have it dreamed again. In some instances, if we woke up from a beautiful dream, we intend to go back to sleep hoping to have that dream again.

There are times also that we wish to dream of something that is impossible to happen in reality. For instance, you want to dream about being in the place you wished. Or, maybe you want to dream that you will become rich and you have all things that you wish to have. Most often, we dream of being with the person we love. We know it is very impossible to happen that’s why we will just console ourselves to make it true in our dreams.

Lucid dreaming is not actually new to us. In fact, we might not know it in the past, but probably most of us have already experiences this unconsciously. Lucid dreaming takes place when your body is asleep while your brain is awake.

In this scenario, your mind can direct your actions. But the fact of making a dream is still Taboo to many of us. This might appear to us as impossible however the experience of the experts proves that it’s been happening already. Several people have done this and have been exercising this for a long time. How to have a lucid dream seems very difficult for all of us. But this observation is basically not true.

Two Kinds Of Lucid Dreaming

  1. The Dream-Induced Lucid Dream. This is when you fell asleep and suddenly wakes up in the middle of dreaming while your body is still asleep or unconscious. There are ways to reach this state of dreaming. Before you sleep you always have to repeatedly look at any part of your body like your hands. You look at it and hold it with the other hand and ask yourself, “is this a dream” or “am I dreaming”. Do this repeatedly and it is possible that this will happen in your dream and everything becomes lucid.
  1. Wake Induced Lucid Dream. This happens when you directly go to dreaming with your mind is still awake yet your body is already asleep and unconscious. This state of mind can make you direct anything you want and wish to happen. But you will have this battle, a challenge to make your self stay awake because the natural reaction and tendency is that the mind will sync with the body and eventually would also fall asleep.
How To  Lucid Dream Tonight?

Having lucid dreams is easy yet it is not like magic that you will have it perfectly the first time you do it. It is a skill and a skill needs to be practiced. How to have lucid dream tonight can be very easy if you have the guts and the perseverance to do it. Anything done with the urge to do it won’t be difficult. Many of us id finding it hard to do because we thought it is about focusing hard and a strong mind control. The fact is you just need to relax and practice easily and slowly until you will have the skills that will give you the power on how to have a lucid dream.

The Brain Waves

There are scientific explanations on why and how to have lucid dreams. The brain waves are an activity in the mind.

  1. Beta Waves. These are waves predominantly produced by the brains it is measured 13Hz frequency or higher. Hz refers to Hertz and 1 Hz means 1 cycle per second.
  2. Alpha Waves. This is when you are awake and relaxed and your mind is working like you are daydreaming. This time your brain waves are measures 8-12 Hz frequency.
  3. Theta Waves. This is in the state of lucid dreaming where your brain waves acts lower with a frequency of 4-8 Hz. When we reach to a lower state than the Theta state then that will make us unconscious or on a sleeping state

How To Stay On The Theta State Of Mind?

For us to go to sleep, we will basically pass through the THETA state. Being able to be on this state is not that difficult but needs practice. Constant exercise on this activity will help you on how to have a lucid dream. Our goal is to stay awake in the Theta state. If you have tried to do a meditation then this thing can be easy for you. Remember, you do not need to rush things to do this. You need patience to wait for the right time that you are already into it. You need to condition you mind and body to be prepared in this scenario.

As luck would have it, if we want to do it as soon as we can, there are a lot of guides in the internet for you to do this. They give you lesson and procedures that will lead you on how to have a lucid dream.

Brainwave Entrainment

The Brainwave Entrainment is also known as Brainwave Synchronization. It is a practice on how to have a lucid dream. This is an intentional conditioning and exposing of your mind through a specific stimulus of a frequency that will make your brainwaves sync with the stimulus. They commonly use visual and auditory as stimuli. The Brainwave entrainment is a good exercise for you to achieve or to have lucid dreams.

There are some people on the internet who are famous in talking about lucid dreams. They share their experiences and shared the fact the having lucid dreams are an exciting thing to happen. Just be able to control your mind not to think about negative things and awful scenario, or else, your lucid dream will turn into a nightmare and a nightmare is obviously not a desirable state of mind as we sleep.