Kidney Tumor on the Rise in Middle Aged Men

Development Haemangiopericytoma

For men, there are many health complications that may arise with aging. Kidney complications, second to prostate health, are one of the leading health risks for men as they hit middle age. If you are approaching your 40th birthday, it is important to become familiar with all of the health screenings and health risks that may arise so as to ensure you are giving optimal health status into the later years of life.

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One very rare complication that has become increasingly more common in men involves the development of a kidney tumor. Described by physicians as a very soft, and vascularized, form of tissue, the development of a kidney tumor can be indicative of more complex kidney complications. Medically, this type of tumor on the kidney is known as a haemangiopericytoma, or HPC. While it is traditionally uncommon, it has affected many more men in recent years.

While an HPC may develop at any location within the body, men of middle age may experience development along the urological system. As a kidney tumor that may be indicative of a malignancy, if your physician finds the tumor is present, surgical intervention may be indicated. In some cases, the use of pre-surgical radiation therapy may be necessary to reduce the size of the tumor prior to excision. The goal of the surgery in men who have developed a kidney tumor, involves the removal of the kidney tumor before other renal systems are complicated and before any complications involving the lymphatic system arise. With CT scan, your physician can determine the size and involvement of the kidney tumor and, in most cases, once confirmed as present surgery will be scheduled.

In men who undergo surgical removal of the HPC kidney tumor will progress through life without further incidence. However, it will be necessary to conduct regular preventative health screenings to monitor for any further renal complications. Again, with CT scan and MRI your physician can appropriately monitor your renal health for the long-term.

Kidney tumors are a rare health complication in men, especially in men under the age of 50. However, in recent years, there has been a marked increase in the number of men experiencing kidney tumor complications, often diagnosed with HPC or haemangiopericytoma. If you are experiencing complications associated with HPC, be certain your physician is addressing the matter with surgical intervention as, ultimately, this will result in the best outcome for your renal health.