Onnit New Mood Review Free Trial

New Mood created by Onnit  labs is basically a serotonin booster which tends to promote sound sleep and have a positive effect on the body. People who have their sleep patterns really messed up can certainly give this product a try. This is primarily because this supplement has some scientific evidences to back up its claims. Poor sleep timings and habits combined with hard work can make people feel crappy and have an exacerbating effect on the mind. Stress can have a causal relationship with vulnerable personal and professional lives. These are the times when a product like New Mood can just be the thing the doctor ordered.

 Onnit Free Trial Onnit New Mood Review Free Trial

Is it really good? A Review:

When people with real high levels of stress due to various reasons and people who were sleep deprived, were given New Mood for a trial, the results were propitious to say the least. The same people when asked about the effects agreed to the fact that they had a great sleep time. Some of them felt like they were in dreamland while others said that they could wake up before the alarm which was a rarity.

Waking up after a dose of New Mood felt refreshing and rejuvenating. The ingredients used in the manufacturing must have something to do with the positive effects shown by the product and we will certainly take a look into that. Although it does not have the highly celebrated nootropic ingredients but it is certainly recommendable to people who are sleep deprived. See how to relieve stress with new mood easily.


New Mood is made up of serotonin boosting, mood improving and relaxation enhancing supplements. Many of the ingredients that have been included in the product have a synergistic effect on the overall result.

  • Happiness Precursors:5-hydroxy tryptophan and L-tryptophan are both extremely potent precursors of serotonin, and in combination with Vitamin B6 as a catalyst involved in conversion, the overall product packs a sizable punch. It can be noted when each of the ingredient mentioned above is taken alone then a similar effect is observed but taking them together seems to be much more effective.
  • Mood Boosting: Niacin, Lemon Balm and Vitamin D-3 are a part of this product. These additional ingredients work with the ingredients mentioned above and tend to increase the overall effects. They are secondary moods enhancers in this regard although they have the capability to make a significant difference. These ingredients make the product much more effective if we compare it with a case when we are taking L-tryptophan or 5-htp alone.
  • Ingredients promoting Enhanced Relaxation: Chamomile, Valerian root, Magnesium and extract of Jujube seed are also included in New Mood. These products create relaxation and also promote anti-anxiety and function as the other half of New Mood. The first creates neurotransmitters for mood boosting and the second half gives a feeling of relaxation and also ensures that we are able to use the mood boosting state effectively. Muscle relaxation, mind relaxation, improved focus, increased capacity to sleep, etc. are some of the positive effects observed.

How does Serotonin help?

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which has a very well described role in regulation of mood. Insufficient activity of serotonin can lead to mood imbalances. Historically, use of agents like serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) was able to show the effect of serotonin elevation in the CNS. Advances in medical technology with the advent of methods of neuroimaging like positron emission tomography (PET), permit non-invasiveness to the measurement of serotonin activity. Recent studies have highlighted the significance 5-htp to serotonin conversion when it comes to regulation of emotion.

Although pharmacological agents which target serotonin are very effective at enhancing mood, the myriad of side-effects has initiated the development of alternative methods to achieve similar results. Since the last three decades there has been a huge amount of effort and money into the study of serotonin precursors involved in mitigating bad mood. There have been several clinical trials using 5-htp and L-tryptophan to check its effect on mood elevation. Research has shown that use of these precursors in combination with Vitamin B-6 can help in producing positive results. This is the formula used in New Mood and it has been seen to increase production of active serotonin within the neuronal cells.

How Natural Extracts used in New Mood help in mitigation of bad mood?

Traditionally, a number of natural herbs have been used in decreasing feelings of anxiety and alleviating difficulties in sleeping. Valerian root is one such product which has been scientifically reviewed and declared as a useful product for promoting sleep. Lemon balm is another such product which shows anti-stress effects. This is done through GABA initiated inhibition and it tends to work synergistically with Valerian root. The inclusion of these natural products are designed to lower stress and induce restful sleep helps in weight loss.


Experiences with New Mood:

When a number of people who have been given free doses of New Mood were asked about their experience then the following were some of the responses:


onnit free trial

  • It is very effective, works quickly and the effects can be felt very strongly.
  • Improves the mood to an extent that you can unfussed about many things throughout the day which normally, would ruin your day.
  • The benefits of using serotonin are extremely strong and helpful.
  • The best part about this product is the sleep improvement that it provides. A hard sleep can be experienced without having to wake up many times in the middle of the night. Also, you can wake up without any grogginess.
  • If you have had a hard workout or need a fatigue recovery then New Mood could just be the right thing you need. A dose of New Mood has the potential of giving you a good night’s sleep and sure to drive away any accompanying fatigue and lethargy with it.
  • New mood increases brain vividity to an extent that you tend to feel relaxed and calm at almost all times which can be a real help in this fast and highly competitive age.
  • It is great with nootropic stack. Synergizes effectively and rounds out.