Recipe for Kidney or Ureteral Stone Removal

Easy Recipe that Has Worked for Me

I was diagnosed with a single ureteral stone of .7cm on my left ureter. I experienced excruciating pain and since I was pregnant, invasive procedures were not an option. My doctor put me on Acalka and Rowatinex, hoping that the stone would just crumble and just get passed through. But the pain was managed using Buscopan and Nubain. I think my baby got high with Nubain.

Anyway, aside from these conventional medication, I took alternative therapy–a special concoction. It is goes like this:

1:1:1 of Fresh Radish Juice, Lemon Juice, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I take the special concoction three times a day, about 30 minutes before each meal. I did this for like two weeks. But since the pain was gone, I stopped. Two weeks later, I just passed out my stone easily. No bleeding and no irritation at all.

Although I was told to just take a total of 3 Tbsps., I would take more, thinking that there is no overdose of these juices. So i downed whatever I made. I had to make the radish juice fresh everytime I have to drink it.

So if you have kidney stones, this is a very good therapy.