Snoring, How to Stop that Nocturnal Noise

If you are a world class snorer you are probably a male. Snoring is more common in men and more severe.
Men are larger than women and they have more tissue in the neck and throat. Snoring occurs when the tissues in the upper airway relax during sleep, as air passes through the narrowed channel it causes the tissues to vibrate, this is what causes that noise producing roar. Men are also heavier and there is more downward pressure on the airways making it harder for the airways to stay open during sleep. One of life’s greatest mysteries is, why can’t a snorer hear himself snore? No matter how many times you punch him with a sharp elbow jab and scream at him to turn over, he will still deny that he snores. But be careful ladies, studies show that by the time females reach their sixties, 40% of women are also snoring, Snoring gets worse as we age because the muscles and other tissues in the throat, like everywhere else in the body, become less and less firm.
Here are some tips that will help you turn down the volume :

Roll Over- When you sleep on your back, the tongue falls backward into the throat, blocking your airway. Sleeping on your side or stomach will reduce or even eliminate sawing logs.

Stay in Shape- Being overweight usually causes the problem of snoring to be more severe, Being out of shape causes the muscles in the back of the throat to weaken and make them more likely to collapse.

Drink in Moderation– Alcohol consumption at bedtime greatly reduces the muscle tone inside the throat, this makes your airway more likely to collapse.

Use a Humidifier– Moist air will help reduce snoring. Using a humidifier is most helpful.

Quit Smoking- Smoking irritates the membranes of the throat and the nose. This causes mucus secretion. It also causes the tissues inside the nose to swell which makes the snoring even louder.

Keep a Regular Schedule– Being excessively tired can cause noisy snoring. The more tired you are , the more you muscles in the throat relax. Going to bed exhausted also means that you will spend time in a deep sleep, this is when loud snoring occurs.

Keep your Head up- Prop up the head of the bed with about 6 inches by putting books under the legs of the bed.
You may want to try putting a large pillow between the mattress and bed spring to elevate your head.

If snoring disturbs your domestic peace , you may want to see your doctor who can recommend a more aggressive treatment for your snoring. In some cases, snoring is a symptom of a more serious medical problem.