How to Stop Snoring Now

Do you have a snoring problem? Or perhaps your spouse suffers from snoring. A recent survey found that nearly everyone has at some time in their life been directly affected by snoring. Some people suffer severe relationship troubles due to their or their spouses snoring problem.

Snoring also causes many problems in the snorers day to life. For example, snoring can lead to irritability, the inability to concentrate on work or necessary tasks. It can even put someone’s health in danger due to sleepiness while driving or carrying out tasks that require alertness. No doubt, that at the very least snoring can significantly decrease the quality of life, happiness and productivity for the snorer.

Some studies suggest that heart attacks and stroke are more common among people that snore. So, it appears that although most people think of snoring as a minor disturbance and just something to put up with, it indeed can have serious side effects and implications in relationships, lifestyle and health.

Is snoring something that can be prevented? And, what is it that makes a person start snoring to begin with? That’s a great question that we will now explore.

First of all, snoring can be caused by the airways in the nose being obstructed. This is caused by the tissue in the nose and air passages relaxing during sleep, which causes it to become loose. This looseness causes a vibration in the airways making snoring a likely occurrence.

This is just the foundation, and many factors can even make snoring worse. For example, being overweight, smoking, drinking alcohol and suffering from allergies can all contribute to heavy snoring. Also, a nose injury causing the nose septum to become crooked can seriously impair breathing and can thus create the likelihood of snoring.

Is Sleep Apnea causing your snoring?

Many people that suffer from snoring also suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the throat muscles block the air passage, which temporarily deprives your body of oxygen. You literally stop breathing for a brief time several times throughout the night. How do you know if this is what is causing your snoring? One way to tell is if you are restless and irritable during the day.

So, enough about the causes of snoring, how can you stop it? Is there really anything that can work to solve your snoring problem? The following are some suggestions that have proven effective to stop snoring, and at times relief can be immediate.

First of all, avoid drinking alcohol before you go to bed. This doesn’t mean you must stop drinking alcohol altogether, just avoid it before going to sleep at night. The next important factor is to keep your weight within a healthy range. You don’t need to even be super fit, or an athlete, just avoid being overweight.

Some other remedies include Sleeping on your side and definitely avoid sleeping on your back. A way to discourage yourself from sleeping on your back is to sew a ball into to the back of your pajamas. So even if you roll over on your back it will be uncomfortable and prompt you to roll over onto your side.

Another easy solution is to use a humidifier while sleeping. Often if you use a humidifier along with placing aromatherapy oil onto your pillowcase, this will open the airways. The most effective oil for this is eucalyptus oil.

More often than not, these simple solutions bring big results. In most cases, these simple steps can bring immediate relief.

Some cases of snoring can be rather stubborn, however. In these cases surgery may be the only option. Surgery to correct a deviated septum, or to remove polyps or tighten very loose tissue, can be a sure route to healing. Of course surgery does come with risks so it is very important to discuss this with your physician as a last resort.

Laser surgery is also a likely option and less risky than traditional surgery. Also, it is quicker with less recovery time.

Finally there is another promising treatment that uses radio frequency to shrink the tissue inside the air passages. This is much less traumatic than cutting the tissue with traditional surgery.

Although many people think they must live forever with their snoring disorder, this is simply not the case. There are many options available and with trial and error you can surely be on the way to a good nights rest, better relationships and a healthy lifestyle.