Assisted living facilities cost and advantages over nursing home

Assisted living can bear no better phrase than this ,“redefining senior care”. Though it has been a new concept, it has gained immense popularity in short period for its wide range of services being offered to seniors.  Their adult children may be living in different state and would be in a situation of not meeting their parents often or may be loss of spouse or loss in ability to stay independent are some of the reasons for ageing parents getting moved to assisted living.

Assisted living costs

Assisted living facilities cost

Services offered in Assisted living:

The services offered changes according to the state and province that you live in since they have different licensing and regulations. Some of the basic services offered are

1) Daily meals

2) Laundry

3) 24 hour security and supervision

4) Basic housekeeping

5) Access to medical services

6) Transportation

7) Social programs

8) Health and exercise programs

How to choose community?

Remember that the seniors for whom you are choosing the assisted living are not seniors of their active yesteryear. So it is true that choosing the best one can be a daunting process but with these points in mind this process can be simplified.

1) Check for the atmosphere of the residence.

2) Check for physical features that are available with the facility.

3) Check for the services available.

What are the advantages of choosing aided living than staying at a home?

If you are opting for an living facility then there are few expenses that you can exclude and they are
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  • Mortgage or rent that you pay for your home, in addition property tax and insurance expense too.
  • When you live at a house, you need to bear the maintenance costs that include any emergency repair, yard work, etc.
  • Your utilities like electricity, garbage, water, heat and air conditioning are taken care and the only utilities that you would be managing are the phone and cable.
  • You can exclude the hefty price that you pay for a household assistance or a personal care.
  • Food is the major expense eating your money and this can be warded off as they take care of meals.

How do I find assisted living facilities near me?

If you are in the process of finding living facilities near you, then it is better to do a detailed research by taking ample time. You can either check online or ask your friends to know about the best assisted living facilities. Another way to get this information is checking your state’s “Department of Health” and “Department of Ageing” websites for this information.

Important things to note when deciding :

  • When you are searching for these facilities through online never go for a facility by seeings its positive reviews in only one website, check for that particular facility’s review in as many website as you can.
  • When you visit the assisted living facility, it is better to take someone with you to get a second opinion about that particular facility.
  • Never go by attractive flyers or advertisements that are marketed to attract people.
  • You should talk to existing residents as they can give you honest reviews on how they are treated.
  • Check for company’s privacy policy that will be displayed on their website. This gives you an idea of how they use your sensitive or personal information.

What is the cost of assisted living facilities?

The costs of these homes do come with variety of price points depending on the facilities that you choose. The cost depends on location, apartment size, residence and type of services that you choose. There is a basic rate which might provide you the base services and if you opt for any other special services then you would be charged accordingly. Typically, the base rate covers the lodging and food the other fees like entrance fee, laundry, housekeeping fee, etc needs to be paid extra. But these specifications changes considerably according to the community that you choose. Most of these facilities charge on a monthly basis whereas few ask for long term lease arrangements.

What is the difference between nursing home and assisted living?

Isolation is the biggest problem that the elders face which is pretty dangerous too. Its worth to focus on this point and move them to a assisted living where they live in a healthy social environment. Nursing home, which is more like a hospital is better suited for frail seniors who are in need of skilled care all the time. Assisted living are not licensed by medicare or medicaid to offer a skilled care but can be opted for those seniors who just need an assisted personal care like meals, bathing, dressing, social activities, etc. Please note that, even though a parent company is operating both nursing home as well as living in same campus, the license of medicare or medicaid doesn’t apply here. Residents are mostly independent and mobile but would require help in their daily living personal tasks where as a nursing residents are those who are bed ridden and need 24 hours medical attention.

To conclude:

In a final note, it is so tough and even traumatic for an elderly parent to move out of a home or a long term residence. So, you need to take careful measures in order to help them cope up with this change. In-still a positive feel in them by talking to them about the benefits that they attain and the better environment that they will be facing. Carefully make a note of what your elderly parent might need for a year so that you can look at the long term benefits that are offered by assisted living facility. The short term benefits might end up shifting them within a short period which can be extremely hard on both of you. This kind of living is a wonderful environment for the seniors who don’t need any skilled care and do select one according to your parent’s needs.

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