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Are you thinking to Buy Kohler Toilet ? An Honest Review

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A company with 150 years of experience does not need much of introduction. All that we can add to its description in a humble way is that this Wisconsin based company is a market leader. They have always led from the front and have impressed the sanitary ware industry with their innovation and quality.

They do not deserve our praise to be what they are today because they deliver beyond expectations and have succeeded doing that for generations. They work constantly towards excellence by utilizing technology to its potentials. Based on this we have formatted a study of the best 5 kohler toilets for our readers to give them a taste of the true Kohler

No doubts Kohler, is a well known brand by now throughout the world. The very foundation of their fame depends on the uniqueness of their products. If you are looking for a simple toilet, under $300, they have it readily available and so is a designer type costing you a couple of thousand dollars.

That certainly creates space for a huge potential market and Kohler, for all these years without a doubt has enjoyed supremacy because on this attribute. We would like to remind you that it is not easy to achieve this kind of dominance. Here are 5 Kohler toilets that you can read about to form an idea about the real flavor of this brand name.

KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet with AquaPiston Technology

This is a marvel product by Kohler because it has stunning looks, is certified by Watersense and uses advanced technology called AquaPiston. Now, what on earth is AquaPiston? It is a canister that makes flow of water easy from all sides which makes the flush powerful. Any which ways, this two piece toilet is a huge encouragement from the house Kohler. It is a product to look forward to because:

  • Is compact in size.
  • Available in different colors.
  • It measures 28.8 inches x 17.6 inches x 30.8 inches.
  • Has the right height that makes sitting and standing way easier.
  • The elongated bowl adds to this comfort.
  • Is leak free.
  • Easy to install because of its smart design.
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty.


Although Kohler, doesn’t allow people to talk much against it because it knows how to deliver with excellence, yet some would succeed to find fault with Michelangelo’s works too. Kohler stands no chance comparatively, which is why some have complained against the absence of height details.

However, do you know with so many regulations, you should be informed that it is impossible to do nowadays. You can find all the details of the product, online, from their official website or even walk into a sanitary store. Moreover, its reviews speak for it and that makes it a product to rummage around for sure.

KOHLER K-3323-0 Santa Rosa Compact Elongated One-Piece Toilet :

This is another power house of a toilet that says never judge a book by its cover. How so? Let us find out more about it to find all the answers. Expect flushing of 3.5 gallons with its 1.6 gallon flushing. Isn’t that incredible? In addition to this, it has a compact design that makes it a must have for small bathrooms.

The elongated bowl does not take extra space and its ergonomics make it a commode to look up to. It has a toilet seat (Brevia) that has a trip lever for left hand operation, attached to it. Want to know more? Then read the following section carefully:

  • Extremely stylish looks.
  • Is space saver because it comes at standard 12 inches rough in.
  • One piece toilet has a seamless design.
  • This make it easy to clean.
  • Elongated seat is more comfortable over the rounder ones.


Things like the cistern makes sound while refilling or that the handle fell off within a week’s use aren’t that big an issue. You may ask why and we would like to answer it like this that flush will make noise while filling up (for this price). The second problem is owing to wrong usage or using too much pressure on a delicate handle. Undoubtedly, these are personal observations that do not tarnish the image of a Kohler toilet.


KOHLER K-3597-7 San Raphael Comfort Height Pressure Lite 1.0 GPF Elongated Toilet :

The first thing that you will notice is the elegant black color. This black beauty will blow your mind away with its grace, style and performance. Being a Kohler, its performance is supposed to be of the highest level and to be honest; it does more than it promises. To start with the properties, it must be stated that its elongated bowl makes it comfy, flushing is based on technology called Pressure Lite and the trip lever uses Polished Chrome. All these features add to its gorgeous looks and high performance. Here are some more of these features that can bowl you over

  • Black color looks majestic.
  • At 21 ½ inches high, this toilet makes it relaxing for everyone, especially for the old bones.
  • Toilet seat uses Quiet-Close.
  • Has Quick Release functions.
  • Is a water saver.
  • There is a color advantage for cleaning.


A lot of people have pointed out one flaw in a Kohler and that too at this price range that it does not flush toilet paper down. The advice would be to stop flushing paper and if they really want to get it flushed, then they are requested to invest in quality paper rolls that are flushable. The main concern would be the price, but the kind of technology it uses, certainly suffices for the price

KOHLER K-3393-47 San Raphael Comfort Height Elongated One-Piece Toilet :

Okay, this is an expensive commode and some may even dismiss it as a fancy one. However, this is not the case, because it may be slightly on the costly side, but is equally a high end toilet. Its height of 21 ½ inches high makes it super comfortable for all and is named as San Raphael Comfort Height toilet.

This one piece toiled has what is called Twin Touch flush actuator that means powerful flushing. The toilet seat has French Curve Quiet-Close functionality that makes it different from all its peers available for at this price range. There is more to it, like:

  • This is available in different colors to suit any décor.
  • Has a 12 inch rough in.
  • The toilet tank is of the lowest profile that Kohler has ever produced.
  • Toilet seat has Quick-Release functions.
  • Is a standard 1.6 gallons toilet.
  • Has Water Efficiency and can save 205 of water.
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty.


It is one of that high-priced merchandise and is not easy to invest in, but the technology that goes into it is worth every penny to spend. Some say that height does not play according to their advantage, well for that the company makes it evident by mentioning all the details prior to your buying. If you are not comfortable with the height, you can look for another Kohler then!

Kohler K-14239-PS-96 Peonies & Ivy Design on Revival Toilet, Includes Seat :

Kohler has changed the way the world looks at commodes. With the introduction of Kohler K-14239-PS-96 Peonies & Ivy Design, it has shown that a toilet can be more than just a simple thing. The design on the commode really takes your breath away and you cannot turn away from its appeal. Ever since 2007, this has been one of their popular toilets. It draws its inspiration from the floral imagery of the Victorian era and of course American gardening. This makes the toilet different and it things the following make it a near relic

  • Marvelous design.
  • It has something called the Insuliner tank liner that can protect the tank for long.
  • It has an elongate bowl.
  • This means it is a low maintenance toilet.
  • This two piece toilet makes use of Ingenium(R) flushing system that yields power flushing.


There is not much of a whining that one can hear against the Kohler K-14239-PS-96 Peonies & Ivy Design. May be because it is very pretty and a few may have found that that to be unorthodox to use designs and patterns on a commode. Now, that is totally a personal choice and it does not bring down the name of Kohler quite obviously.

What the above mentioned discussion means is that the best 5 kohler toilets is not the end of this. There is more to Kohler and you can find out about them at any leading online retail store. On the other hand, it was our earnest endeavor to equip you with a little about Kohler in the best possible ways. This would help you take a call on it which if is in its favor; then you will not repent the rest of your life for sure. Why so? This is a reliable company that has served for long with original designs and ideas.