Best Professional Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Best Professional Hair Dryer Buying Guide

So many brands, so many options, so many choices! Purchasing a hair dryer can be complicated. And therefore we will explain to you what to look out for if you want to buy one! We think it’s important that you ask yourself what exactly you want to do with the hairdryer. Are you planning to dry your … Read more

Keranique reviews – Best hair regrowth product for Women ?

best hair regrowth products

Thinning of hair would definitely be a stressful issue that slowly empties your self confidence because it might lead to female pattern baldness finally.  Keranique comes to rescue from this problem as it is an all in one hair care solution. Read complete Keranique reviews here to know if this is a perfect solution for all … Read more

Laser Hair Regrowth: Is it Effective for Treating Balding and Hair Loss?

A majority of adults have heard of removing hair with lasers but are unfamiliar with the process of laser hair regrowth. This can be an effective treatment for people who may have genetic or other considerations that make them unlikely candidates for more well known techniques. Laser hair regrowth can be quite effective at stopping … Read more

Is Hair Loss a Side Effect from Birth Control Pills?

One Extreme Side Effect that Some Birth Control Pills Can Cause In exchange for the initial, temporary headaches and nausea, we are offered shorter, lighter menstrual periods, larger breasts, clearer skin, and of course, protection from getting pregnant in exchange for using the birth control pill. When taken correctly, “the pill” is over 99% effective … Read more

Healthy Hair Guide: Hair Loss Meditation

Both men and women share hair loss. Hair is the prime factor in individual’s identity. Hair loss can tremendously affect your external appearance and your personality. People often avoid maintaining contact with a bald fellow. So hair loss is really a frustrating phenomenon. This article includes healthy hair secrets and tips for good-looking shiny hair. … Read more

Diagnosis of Hair Loss

Those people who experience any symptoms of excessive hair loss, or anyone who is fearful that they may be going through this condition and may be losing their hair, should make sure to contact a doctor or qualified professional to determine the causes of the hair loss and to allow for a proper diagnosis to … Read more

Hair Loss and Hair Care

Hair loss isn’t a problem just for men. Women’s hairlines are starting to recede as well. For women, this problem is both embarassing and degrading — self-confidence begins on a very superficial level. Losing hair decreases self-esteem, and I know this by first-hand experience. But there are ways by which we can regain control of … Read more

Four Ways to Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss

After my second daughter was born, I breathed a great sigh of relief. I was finally done with my pregnancy, and I was overjoyed to have a new addition to my family and a sibling for my older daughter. I was even so thrilled as to splurge on a $10,000 vacation for me and my … Read more