Pregnancy Facts: Expectations in the Early Stages

Congratulations! You peed on a stick, and two lines have showed up. Guess what? You’re pregnant!! Whether this is a complete shock or something that has been longed for for quite some time, the proof is there. You might be scared or excited, and you might not possibly know what to expect. Here are some … Read more

My Pregnancy Scare: My First Response Pregnancy Test

While on vacation this summer, I realized that I had forgotten my package of birth control pills. How could I have forgotten to pack them? This was crucial; I was not ready for a child. I told my fiancé that we were going to have to be very safe, and he responded that was fine, … Read more

Pregnancy Pedicures: Safe or Not? Why?

Who doesn’t want pretty feet during pregnancy? Our feet don’t change too much during pregnancy and we can enjoy showing them off to the world. But having a pedicure during pregnancy poses some health-related issues for pregnant women. There are both benefits and drawbacks to having a pregnancy pedicure, and each pregnant woman will have … Read more

Teen Pregnancy

I was recently on my drive to work listening to my local radio show, when they had a small segment on teen mothers. One of the local dj’s had the audacity to say that it was okay in his eyes to become a mother at 16. I was highly disturbed at this new trend. I’ve … Read more

Life After Pregnancy and Birth

What happens after the birth of a baby? What physical changes can a woman expect? What needs will her body have as she recovers from birth? These are all good questions that women often ask before or after giving birth. There are many physical changes a woman will experience as her body recovers from giving … Read more

Getting Older Children Involved in Your Pregnancy

Tips for Easing Fears and Resentment in Older Siblings One way to prepare older children in your home for the arrival of a new baby, and to ensure that they will be more excited and less resentful after the birth, is to get them involved during the pregnancy. Depending on the age of your children, … Read more

Lupus During Pregnancy

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that most often happens to women who are in their early 20’s – 40’s. Women are affected much more often than men; about 1 man develops lupus for every 9 women who have it. The cause is unknown but those who have lupus have an abundance of antibodies in their … Read more