Five Common Myths About Exercising During Pregnancy

In previous generations, women were encouraged to sit with their feet up and not overexert themselves during pregnancy. Since then, research has shown that both mothers and babies benefit from exercise during pregnancy. According to and, the benefits of exercise during pregnancy include: – Shorter labor – Better sleep – More energy – … Read more

Tips for Sex Determination in Pregnancy

Sex Determination Pregnancy is an endearing phenomenon that leaves everyone perplex. Even the couple! As the woman changes, literally overnight, the beauty of carrying within you another human soon becomes a proud responsibility, though some husbands maybe so scared to get involved and may hastily revamp the quest room into their bed room, far away … Read more

Kidney stones and pregnancy

When they say that most men think they are dying when they get a kidney stone, it is no lie. I prayed for a quick death during my fist kidney stone attack. Of course God didn’t answer. They say comparatively, it is the closest thing to giving birth that a man can experience. I’m not … Read more