Fermented Green Supreme food review

Living Green Supreme food

Health is a very important thing for any person. There are various methods of maintaining ones health and one way to maintain health effectively is by taking various types of supplements and super food. There are various types of supplements and super foods which can be purchased from the market. However, the question is that which of the supplements or the super food offers the most benefit and is free of any side effects. One product is Fermented Green Supreme food and it is a type of super food green drink. Green Supreme food has got various benefits when it is taken. If you are someone who wants to know about Fermented Green Supreme food, then you have definitely come to the right place to look for the relevant information. This article will take a look at the Fermented Green Supreme food review.

Fermented Green Supreme food review

What is the Green Supreme food?

This section will take a look at the Green Supreme food. As mentioned earlier, Fermented Green Supremefood is a type of super food green drink powder. It is manufactured by Dr. Don Colbert, MD, who is a health professional of the Divine health. There are various types of benefits of taking this super food green drink.

Which ingredients are used for the Fermented Green Supreme food?

There are various beneficial ingredients used in the Fermented Green Supreme food and these ingredients are listed below:

  • Organic fiber blend
  • Organic green blend
  • Organic vegetable blend
  • Organic fruit blend
  • Pre/probiotic blend
  • Organic botanical
  • Enzyme blend

Now this below section will take a look at the ingredients with a better look:

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  • Fiber blend: This blend provides a serving of around 2.5 grams of organic gum acacia and also organic flax seed. The gum acacia is used as a type of texture agent to help the powder to mix well but also has its own individual benefit and these benefits are: it is packed with dietary fibers, it can lower the cholesterol level in the blood, it can help to shed the excess weight by making you feel full and reducing your need to have more amount of food. And flax seed provides the benefit of essential fatty acids which are beneficial and required by the body for a healthy functioning.
  • The organic green blend: this blend as the name suggests, is compromised of the organic greens such as algae and grasses. One will get over 2 grams of organic spirulina and organic chlorella and these are beneficial algae and also a blend of fermented grass. There are various health benefits of fermented grass for the health. Some of the benefits are: access to the required amount of necessary vitamins, good bacteria, and betterbio-accessibility. The main reason to ferment the grass is because, it is the fermentation process that unlocks the required phytonutrients to trigger a healthy metamorphosis, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible to do so.
  • Organic vegetable blend: This is another blend compromised of organic vegetables such as: carrot, spinach, broccoli, parsley etc. There are many individual benefits of each of the organic vegetables that help the health.
  • Organic fruit blend: This blend consists of the organic fruits. And some of these organic fruits that are used in the organic fruit blend are: Acerola, apple, cherry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry etc. Each of the organic fruits in the organic fruit blends offers their own individual benefits to the health.
  • Pre/probiotics: Probiotics has also got a lot of health benefits and this is not only the sole probiotics that are used in the Supremefood as an ingredient, but the fermented grass also releases a good amount of probiotic in addition to this extra source of probiotics that are added to the Fermented Green Supreme food.
  • Organic botanical blend: This is another blend that is used as an ingredient in the food. This blend is a combination of herbs that offer energy, cleansening and antioxidant as well. The whole organic botanical blend is of 210 mg only but this amount offers great benefits to the health.
  • Enzyme blend: now this blend consists of 8 grams of the formula per serving but the enzyme bases are well covered in the lving Supreme food as it contains 100 mg of protease, lipase, amylase, bromelain, lipase, cellulase, etc.

The good things about Supreme food:

This section will take a look at the good things about the divine health dr colbert. And these points are listed below:

  • It is carefully crafted to provide the amazing benefits to the health
  • It consists of an organic formula that is free of side effects.
  • It has a strong probiotic formula
  • It has a very reasonable price, compared to the other super foods green drinks that are available in the market.
How to order the  Supreme green drink?

This section will take a look at how to order the Fermented Green Supreme food. It is very easy to order the Fermented Green Supreme food. All you need to do is to visit the official website of Dr. Don Colbert, MD, which is DrColbert.com. The price range of this product is very affordable as mentioned earlier and it takes only $28 to $37 for purchasing the product. The price of the product will vary from $28-$37 due to the quantity that is ordered.


In conclusion to this short review, if you are looking for a safe and effective green drink to benefit your health, then you should definitely try this product. Many of the green drink products similar to this are there in the market and they do not taste well at all. However, this is not true for this green drink as it certainly tastes much better and is also one of the sweetest to taste green drink in the market. Also the price is very affordable than any other green drink and you can purchase directly through the official website.


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