Fibroids Miracle Review : How to get rid Naturally

Hello everyone, I am Lara Lang from Los Angeles, California

Firstly, I would like to thank Amanda Leto for helping me in getting rid of three fibroids tumors of 6.1cm, 5.3cm and 3.2cm from my body.

I had consulted with two doctors before locating Amanda Leto, regarding my three fibroids tumors. “It’s very large” said by one of the doctors. Both doctors recommended hysterectomy. Although at the age of 42 I have no intentions of having a child but I want to keep all my body parts intent.

After intense research on Google, I found Amanda Leto. Although she was not a doctor, instead she was the nutritionist and more importantly she was one who treated her fibroids without pills, injections or surgery.

After two three meetings over Facebook, I decided to visit Amanda’s home and talk about how she cured her fibroids naturally and lot of other stuff. Upon meeting personally the greatest thing I like about Amanda is, she instilled confidence in me that neither of the two doctors able to do .

Amanda told me everything about how she struggled with fibroids in early of his career and how she treat her own fibroids without any pills and surgery. At the end of our conversion, she gave me few papers (around 100 papers) that contain uterine fibroids cure methods, powerful techniques and very-unknown fibroids treatment method that she discovered after 11 years of research.

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to arrange all these papers so Amanda helped me in doing that and after following her suggestions for 4 weeks I go for ultrasound and I was amazed to see my fibroids tumors had shrunk by 70%. In the second ultrasound after 8 weeks, there was no sign of fibroids.

Fibroids Miracle review

If you are also suffering from fibroids then you have to understand one very important thing.

It doesn’t matter since how long you are suffering from fibroids and it doesn’t matter how much bigger fibroids tumor you have in your body. You can always remove fibroids from your body without going under the knife.

Thankfully, Amanda Leto recently launch fibroids treatment guide called “Fibroids Miracle” in which she have revealed each and every thing that helped me and other women in treating their fibroids completely naturally without any pills or surgery and lot more.

Hello fibroids sufferers,

First of all I would like to welcome you to this website in which you will discover each and everything about how to get rid of fibroids.

I created this website after years of research and countless trial and errors. There are many healers, doctors, authors, neuropaths that helped me in creating this website. I was also one of the fibroids sufferers and I waste countless money on traditional medicines that only remove symptoms but did nothing to my real problem.

More and more women in United States are getting diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids every year. And these women are visiting doctors to find permanent cure but sadly traditional medicines that their doctors are prescribing are only removing their symptoms. This is why I don’t trust these traditional medicines anymore.

Just like you when I was first diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids I was in total shocked. I spend lot of money on conventional medicines that just remove the symptoms but did nothing to the real root cause. I keep on believing there must be some permanent cure and not just temporary solution. After having lot of meetings with healers, authors, neuropaths and nutritionist I finally able to cure my large uterine fibroids.

If you also want to get rid of Uterine Fibroids then one thing you have to keep in your mind that there is a root cause behind your current condition and once you fix this root cause you are able to live life free from fibroids. The great thing is it doesn’t matter how worst your condition is, you can always treat fibroids by following the right path and this is the website that will show you right path and you find everything from A to Z about fibroids.

In short, in this website you will discover deep inside information about Fibroids, its signs and symptoms, the primary and secondary causes, and in the end you will find my solution to get rid of fibroids holistically and naturally.

Before I start talking about fibroids let me tell you few things that you have to do to get rid of fibroids.

5 Things You Need To Do To Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally and Holistically


If you want to get rid of fibroids naturally and holistically then you have to do these five most important things:


  1. Learn about Fibroids and its signs and symptoms.
  2. Find out primary and secondary causes of fibroids and the way to neutralize these causes to remove fibroids
  3. Find out how to boost immune system and prepare body to fight against fibroids
  4. Find out the connection between fibroids and hormone balance in the body. This is because hormonal imbalance affects the function of body organ and makes infection and bad bacteria to attack the body.
  5. Find out best fibroids healing diet because proper nutrition foods are important to build strong body healing system.


To eliminate fibroids naturally and holistically from your body you have to gain information about fibroids, its symptoms & causes, hormonal balancing, toxic elimination, stress control, antibiotics and internal cleansing.

Thankfully this website will give you everything that is mentioned above and all you have to do is to follow them for at least 30 to 60 days to find any results. The information you will find in this program already helped me and other women as well and if you follow it without any excuse then it will surely help you and you can live fibroids-free live once again.

My Story About How I Get Rid Of Fibroids Naturally and Holistically:

In 2014, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. There were actually three fibroids of 6.1 cm, 5.3 cm and 3.2 cm in my body. I heard about them before but I didn’t know they can also become bothersome and painful. My doctor told me about them in my annual exam when they were very small but he told me don’t worry about them as they will disappear at menopause.

Instead of disappearing they become big and start bothering me much. If I know they can become that much painful I could treat them before. These fibroid tumors keep on causing irregular periods and start giving me heavier bleeding than before. It was really painful for me to carry these tumors in my body that is why I decided to visit doctor to find its permanent treatment. I was in shock when I found doctor recommends me hysterectomy (surgery to remove uterus or womb) as the only solution.

I was not happy about hysterectomy and decided to look on internet for how to get rid of fibroids. I talked with different women who suffered from fibroids in the past and I was glad to find some of them was able to cure their fibroids naturally. After months of research and lots of trials and errors I finally able to find Amanada Leto’s Fibroids Miracle.

This fibroid healing plan contains list of foods, herbs and exercises that I followed for exactly 4 months. Although I start getting results after just 7 days but after 4 months when I visited doctor’s clinic for check up then my doctor was amaze with my results and he told me I don’t have any fibroids in my body. The assistant of my doctor asked me if I used some miracle plan to cure my fibroids and I gladly replied “YES”.

As I know more and more women are getting diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids that is why I decided to put my exact fibroids healing plan in one place to save their time and trouble. This fibroids healing plan is very close to me and I believe this plan is powerful enough to remove fibroids in just 4 months. This is why I called this plan as Fibroids Secret plan.

Good news is, you will find this complete step-by-step Fibroids Healing Secret for free and if it works for you then please share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Fibroids Healing Secret:

To help you absorb this information in better way I divided this Fibroids Healing Secret into three different parts. All these parts are very important and I want you to read each and every part and apply it in your life to get visible results.

The First Part is called ‘Basic Info’ in which you will discover all the basic info about fibroids like what is fibroids, its causes and symptoms.

The Second Part is called ‘Treating Symptoms’ in which you will discover how you can get instant relief from pain and treat fibroids symptoms naturally. This is important part of this guide because in this part you will get guidelines that will not only heal symptoms but also create environment in your body that will eliminate fibroids permanently

The Third Part is called ‘Treating Fibroids Permanently’ in which you will find exact step-by-step plan that I used myself to treat my fibroids permanently. This part will not only treat your fibroids permanently but also create strong immune system that protects your body from any other infection or disease.

Let’s start…

Part 1 – Basic Info:

1.1 – What is Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine Fibroids are tumors that are build up inside or onside the uterus (womb). These Fibroids tumors are so common that according to research almost every woman in United States has at least one fibroid tumor. But since it is small and doesn’t create any pain that is why many women don’t treat them UNTIL they become painful and bothersome.

These Uterine Fibroids are made up of same muscles and tissues that create uterus but they are harder. Doctors and scientists failed to discover exact reason behind the growth of fibroids tumors but many researches seems to suggest the over-production of Estrogen as the primary reason for fibroids.

It is very important to keep in mind that Fibroids tumors are NOT cancerous tumors and they never turn into cancer tumors doesn’t matter how much they grow. Fibroids do not transfer and usually women have more than one fibroid tumor in their body.

1.2 – Primary and Secondary Causes of Fibroids:

Similar to any other chronic health condition, Uterine Fibroids also don’t have single cause. There are many primary and secondary factors that contribute to fibroids. It is important to know that your fibroids can be cause by single or more factors in your body.

If you want to get rid of fibroids then it is also for you to find out what factors causing fibroids to grow and become bothersome. Once you find these factors or causes then you can neutralize them and remove fibroids from your body.

Since fibroids can cause by one or two factors that is why, it is important for you to find treatment that attack fibroids from multiple ways. Thankfully, in this Fibroids Healing Secret you will find three steps (in part three) that will attack fibroids in different ways and remove fibroids permanently from your body. Since conventional or prescribe medicines focus only on single factor that is why they end up treating only symptoms and they unable to remove the main problem.

It is true that some of us are more genetically prone to Fibroids than others but we can surely modify our genes by making changes in our diet and lifestyle which will save us from numerous chronic diseases and Uterine Fibroids is one of them.

In my personal research I discovered five primary causes of fibroids that are:

  1. Genetic Predisposition
  2. Poor Lifestyle Habits
  3. Obesity or Insulin Resistance
  4. Weak Immune System
  5. Toxics in the digestive tract

These are five primary reasons that create the environment for fibroids to grow inside, outside or within the uterus and become troublesome. Additionally, there are many other secondary factors that also cause fibroids to grow are: hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, mood swing, antibiotics or prescription medicines, emotions and steroids.

1.3 – Signs and Symptoms:

Although having one or two tiny fibroids doesn’t create any pain and it is often remain undetected but having multiple fibroids or having large ones surely create problems. Following are the common symptoms of fibroids.

#1 – Bleeding: This is the most common symptoms of fibroids that may be caused by numerous factors such as blockage of normal menstrual flow, Uterine congestion and increase in blood vessels.

#2 – Pain: Pain is one of the symptoms that is associated with fibroids. However, the amount of pain is determine by the number of fibroid tumors, where they are located and how large the fibroid tumor is. Fibroids inside the uterus create great deal of pain but, the large tumor outside the uterus can create discomfort and pressure on other body organs.

#3 – Infertility Problems: A large fibroid tumor can block the way of sperm and cause fertility problems. However, even if you get pregnant despite having fibroids then it can easily make you uncomfortable by growing bigger in the uterus.

#4 – Urinary Incontinence: Large fibroid tumor outside or inside the uterus put extra pressure on bladder that increases the risk of urinary incontinence and loss of bladder control. Excessive pressure on bladder not only causes great deal of pain and discomfort but it also disturbs your everyday activities.

#5 – Painful Intercourse: Although fibroids are not found in vagina but they put pressure on vagina that cause pain and discomfort during or after the intercourse.

Quick Summary of Part 1 ‘Basic Info’:

Uterine Fibroids is found in almost every woman but they become painful when they become large and there is no single cause of fibroids that is why it is important to find out what factors are causing fibroids to grow in your body and try to neutralized them to live life free from fibroids pain and discomfort.

Bookmark and keep visiting this website as I will reveal part two and three of this guide and I am sure your search for how to get rid of fibroids will come to an end because this website will give you powerful system that will eliminate fibroids from your body in natural way.

Part 2 – Managing Fibroids Symptoms With Easy To Follow Steps:

I have already pointed out some common signs and symptoms of Fibroids now it is time to reveal steps that reduce these symptoms and prepare body to eliminate fibroids permanently. All steps that I am going to show you for managing Fibroids are simple and easy to follow and I feel you don’t feel much difficulty in using them.

Just to remind you this is the second part of this how to get rid of fibroids guide and this is very important part of this guide because you will not only learn about removing fibroids symptoms but also find out some vital information about preparing body for Fibroids elimination.

Before revealing treatment plan for every specific fibroids symptoms, let me tell you three different ways that will help you in managing fibroids symptoms.

2.1 – Make Lifestyle Adjustments:

Making necessary lifestyle adjustments is the first step towards eliminating fibroids completely from your body. Without strong body, you are unable to get rid of fibroids. Weak body is like open door in which any bacteria can enter and make trouble. This is the reason this page contains long detail about diet, exercise and holistic treatment for fibroids.

2.2 – Meditations:

Although there are many good meditations available in the market but the sole aim of this guide is to provide natural and holistic treatment. We do discuss about some natural supplements and vitamins that you need in your fibroids treatment plan to eliminate fibroids completely.

2.3 – Surgical Methods:

Some women prefer surgical operations like myomectomy, hysterectomy and embolization to get relief from fibroids treatment however, I don’t recommend myself as there are some nasty side-effects of these surgical treatments if they go wrong.

By keeping these three treatment methods in the mind now take a look on treatment for specific fibroids symptoms.

2.4 – Abdominal Swelling and Back Pain:

When fibroids become so large they begin to fill uterine cavity and start putting pressure on internal organ that causes abdominal swelling and back pain. For those who are suffering from this abdominal swelling must try these two steps:

  1. Keep Legs Elevated
  2. Try Stretching Your Lower Back

2.5 – Menstrual Issues:

Uterine Fibroids can negatively affect woman’s menstrual cycle. Fibroids can cause longer menstrual period than normal menstrual period (which is 8 days). Additionally, large Fibroids tumors can cause pain and bleeding as well. There are many ways to treat bleeding and pain that is cause by fibroids.

  1. Start taking supplements for Vitamin C, E, B12 and A.
  2. Take some time to rest with legs elevated.
  3. Use Heating pad to improve blood flow into pelvic region
  4. Use only sanitary napkins to reduce cramping
  5. Perform Yoga moves to improve blood circulation in the body
  6. Take anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and Motrin

2.6 – Pain During Intercourse:

Large fibroids can put unnecessary pressure on vagina and bladder that cause sexual intercourse painful and unbearable. Most women take stand against fibroids when they fail to enjoy time with her man in bed.

There are two treatment methods which can remove this problem. First is, change in daily lifestyle. This may take long until body get relaxation and prepare for intercourse. However, second option is to seek help from professional who may recommend stretches and exercises that can help in removing discomfort.

Many women find relief from pain during intercourse by applying cold packs.

2.7 – Constipation and Hemorrhoid:

Constipation and Hemorrhoids are very difficult to handle and in most of these cases, doctors advice patients to get rid of fibroids to eliminate hemorrhoids. There are few steps that you have to use to remove this fibroid symptom:

  1. If you start getting problems during bowel movements then your first step is to treat fibroids doesn’t matter what treatment you choose.
  2. Make sure to increase liquid intake. Some doctors advice to increase two additional glasses of water
  3. Eat foods that are high in fiber because lack of fiber in the body is one of the reasons for constipation.
  4. Take Vitamin C supplement

2.8 – Pregnancy Disorder:

According to estimation, over 30% women experience fibroids during pregnancy. Fibroids can cause pain, preterm labor and complication during delivery. These problems handle by over-the-counter meditation along with bed rest.

Although women with fibroids are on higher risk of delivering baby early before 9th month but vast majority of women deliver baby healthy without birth deficits. Doctors use meditation to stop contractions as a way to treat pre-term labor.

In some cases, it is found that babies suffer from significant birth deficits whose mother had fibroids during pregnancy. The only way to prevent this from happening is treating fibroids before pregnancy take place.

2.9 – Pelvic Pain:

Fibroid can cause extreme pain in Pelvic region when it comes in contract with uterus. It feels much like labor pain and makes women unable to move during their period. This problem is very common and one out of every three woman suffers from this symptom. There are few ways to remove pelvic pain

  1. Lie on the side with your knees pull up to your chest
  2. Take warm bath or use hot water bottle
  3. Take Ibuprofin

2.10 – Anemia:

Some women with fibroids experienced quite severe blood loss during menstruation. Due to severe blood loss from the body anemia becomes serious health trouble. In Anemia there is lack of red blood cells in the body. The first step to treat this serious health problem is to take iron supplement and replenish red blood cells in the body. There are some more ways which can help you in increasing red blood cells in the body:

  1. Take iron-rich foods
  2. Take green-leafy vegetables and beans as much as possible
  3. Use iron skillet in your cooking

Quick Summary of Part 2:

Before getting rid of fibroids it is important to remove its symptoms from the body. By removing fibroids symptoms your body will become healthy which is very necessary for eliminating fibroids permanently.

If you are suffering from any other symptom that we didn’t cover in this page then please let me know and I will cover it here.

Part 3 – Treating Fibroids Permanently

Thousands Of Women From 127 Countries Enjoying Lasting Freedom From Uterine Fibroids They Never Believe They Could… You Can Be Next One!!!

Few months back, I came across Fibroids Miracle and it gives me much-needed freedom from fibroids. This incredible holistic fibroids cure program is written by a nutritionist and health consultant. Her name is Amanda Leto.

Amanda doesn’t like all the related hype and BS surrounding fibroids and its related symptoms.

I am sure you only want to learn how to treat your uterine fibroids and its related symptoms from someone who herself treated her uterine fibroids.

Importantly, there is no alternative for experience. I also wanted to learn from someone who actually done that what I am trying to do.

If you are trying to cure your PCOS or any type of Fibroids then I strongly recommend you to read Amanda’s new book called “Fibroids Miracle”.

I know many of you may be thinking “PLEASE NOT ANOTHER FIBROID GIMMICK CURE!”

Truly talking, I though the same thing. Rest assured, this is not the gimmick. It is 200+ pages of powerful and clinically proven method to cure fibroids. Amanda starts from the square one and teaches you each and everything that you need to know about curing your fibroids naturally.

If you are interested in finding more about this book then click the link below:

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