Free Chinese Pregnancy Calendars: Where to Find them Online

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is also referred to as the Chinese conception chart. This chart predicts the sex of the baby, based on the date of conception and the age of the mother at the time of conception.

According to Chinese legends, the ancient pregnancy chart was found in a tomb thousands of years ago, and now is displayed as n artifact in the Beijing Institute of Science. Now, many versions are available on the internet, free of charge for expectant mothers to predict the sex of their unborn babies.

To read the chart you simply locate the age of the mother, down the left of the chart, than locate the day of conception at the top of the chart. Who needs sonograms with this ancient chart that can predict the sex of the baby! It has been in use for more than seven hundred years, and thought to be one of the more important tools in Chinese astrology.

Many attribute the results of being correct, and Chinese swear by this chart to predict the sex of the baby. Apparently, the chart relies on astrology to determine the sex of the baby. Some calendars available on the internet go as far to the extent of the time zone that the mother lives in while conceiving the child.

Many of these calendars can be found on the internet, as well as at the local China town shops and events. I found many online pregnancy calendars through a Google search, some with downloads but most free on the internet.

Visit, to see the easy to read calendar and predict the sex of your baby. It is colorful, and the website is easy to navigate as well as easy to find.

Some websites offer little work and allow you to input the information, and they will come up with an answer for you. The accuracy based on the calendar is often correct, and it can prove for an interesting prediction.

If you prefer to download the calendar, you can visit this website,, and download the calendar for free. allows you to view the calendar or save it as a screen saver. This could come in handy during conception, or if a large group of friends are pregnant at the same time. Try your odds in the baby pool, and see if the Chinese calendar fares you well.