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You should not be scared to spread your smile! I’m definitely not a fan of visiting dentists and if you are in the same boat then I’m sure you will need one of the Idol teeth whitening pen. To start from first a smile is the most wonderful thing human beings are gifted of. A smile can change many situation and many problems to the positive side. So why are you scared to smile? Is it because you witness discoloration in your teeth? Oh! It’s a pathetic situation because if you are not seeing the dentist then you will have to face such situation but there are ways to come out of it.There are Idol teeth whitening pens which could bring back the color you lost and create the smile.

Best teeth whitening product

Idol white teeth whitening pen reviews

Facts to know about Idol white pen

It is a teeth whitening pen which helps you to remove the yellow stains that have been created on your teeth. It will be the easiest and fastest way of getting the color back. The idol teeth whitening contain bleaching agents which do the activity of removing the dirt from the teeth. The product is easy to use and you can see changes sooner, if you use the other methods you might have to wait longer to see the change that you expected. But the greater advantage in Idol teeth whitening pens is that it reacts faster.

Advantages of Idol white pen

There are numerous advantages related to idol white pen, you do not have to scrub and do all the possible things to remove the stains and also you do not have to visit the dentist to do it. With the help of idol white pen, you can do it yourself. So here are the advantages you will get;


Best teeth whitening products

  • It will whiten the teeth.
  • It will remove the dirt from the teeth.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can afford it.
  • You can purchase it online.

And are you eager to purchase one of these? Yes, you should be because it does give you lots of benefits.

Ingredients in Idol white pen

Before you make up your mind to purchase the idol teeth whitening pens you should make sure that you have the clear about the ingredients used in it.The ingredients used in idol teeth whitening are as follows;

  • Glycerin
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbomer
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Peppermint oil
  • Sodium saccharin

Yes, each of the ingredients has its own work. There are many benefits in using these ingredients too.

Steps to use the Idol white pen

There are few steps to use the idol teeth whitening pen the steps are as follows;

  • You should brush your teeth well.
  • Next, you should apply the idol teeth whitening gel on your teeth.
  • Leave the gel to dry for at least for 30 seconds.
  • You should rinse your mouth after 20 minutes.

So it was all about the steps you should follow when using the teeth whitening pen. I know it is easy to use so you will not have any great difficulty in understanding the long procedures in how to do.  In fact, if you have no idea about the method to use it, you can easily understand it without much effort.


There are numerous advantages in using the pen if you consider the traditional methods you can rely on it but you will have to wait longer to see the results and even the usage procedures are quite hard but when it’s about idol teeth whitening pen the case is different. You will gain the following benefits;

  • Easy- you have no hard rules when using it so the steps of using it are easy. You do not have to squeeze your brain to understand the procedures.
  • Safe- the ingredients used in the idol white pen are all natural and approved by clinics. Even the doctors recommend the idol white pens. So you can rely on the product completely because it is safe and effective.
  • Customer care- most of the sellers offer free customer trail since the new users are not aware of it.
  • Affordable price- the price of the product is cheap and affordable.
  • Save your money- you do not have to visit the dentist to clean your teeth.You can do it yourself by doing it you can save the money you spend on adentist.
  • Save your time- you can save your time by not visiting the dentist.

So I described the advantages you will gain if you purchase the Idol white pen. Are you ready to purchase it?If you have read the advantages of idol white pen, am sure you are willing to purchase it. But are you not aware that there are always negative factors for anything in this world?


Yes, I’m sure you are aware that there are cons to idol white pen. You can purchase the idol white pen but why don’t you read the cons before you purchase it? I will jot down it below;

  • Bleaching- the bleaching agents used in almost all the teeth whitening products, likewise even in idol white pen the bleaching is used so there is a high chance for teeth sensitivity if it is been used for a long time.
  • Irritation- you might have gum irritation because of the ingredients used so in this case you must consult your doctor.
  • Time to dry- the gel will take some time to dry until it dries you have to keep your mouth open.

There can be pros as I mentioned above you have to take necessary measures to overcome the cons. You cannot reject the product as a whole because of the few cons so just make sure you areaware of the cons before you purchase it.

Are you convinced? I highly doubt a NO answer because the details I’ve reviewed above will be useful for you take the right decision about the product. So the choice is in your hand.

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