Mcdavid Light Shoulder Support Brace

Best Shoulder Support Brace

This is manufactured by McDavid Inc, USA’s most popular producer of quality sports braces, the Mcdavid Light Shoulder Support earned positive reviews and it is one of the popular choices of famous players and sports fanatics.


  • Small 34-37 inches
  • Medium 37-41 inches
  • Large 41-45 inches


Ideal shoulder support

If you are suffering from sprains, bursitis, tendonitis and strains, the Mcdavid light Shoulder Support is of great help

A shoulder brace that works

The product, aside from supporting sprained shoulders and strained muscles, it is also a good support for shoulders especially those who undergoes strenuous sports activities.


The pressure of the material onto one’s shoulder reduces the muscle pain on the problematic area.  The product comes with an adjustment for the arms and even for the chest strap. It is not designed to be a fixed brace, the one using this can move their arms freely.


  • This is made up of Neoprene and is 100% latex-free.




Made of Velcro, the closure provides a neat trick to have the product fit comfortably.  Since it is symmetrical, the product can be easily used either left or right shoulder.  Adjusting to your needs, it can always have a back connection, simply putting it and attaching it on the front part of the body.  It supports the weight of the arm and shoulder from the body and heal the strain and sprain rapidly.

Easy to wear, a person alone can put the product without any helping hands.Sports enthusiasts can also use this product even during workouts as support to their shoulders.

The adjustable part of the product through its Velcro adjustment on the arms really helps the user to determine which position, and even tightness is adaptable to his need.

Washing instruction

The product should be hand washed and should be soaked in mild soap and water after a few uses.

Comfort and discomfort

Some users suggested that the product should be designed and can even be worn underneath their clothes.  Due to its protective materials, Mcdavid Light Shoulder Support guarantees the user that it is not heavy and will not bring negative pressures on the muscles.

During the first use, some might experience discomfort.  One should determine and learn to adjust the support in order to know which position is best for the shoulder condition.

Women using the product often complain that it doesn’t fit them well, even if they check the size.  They lament that there is a size issue on the upper and the lower parts of the their breast.  Still, Velcro materials were intelligently placed so that the user can position the product in such a way that it helps them support their shoulders and wear it comfortably.

Even for a good night ‘s sleep

Depending on your needs, the product can be worn even all around the clock even while sleeping.

Tips to consider

If used for recovery after an operation, there are pockets over for hot or cold compression and even putting extra pads for support.  Number of individuals suffering from rotator cuff can use the product for better support if they will not be undergoing a surgery immediately.

Hot feeling

Best used during cold months, the neoprene sleeve traps moist and becomes hot after sometime.  Since it is not a breathable material, it is not advisable during summer or when the weather is hot.  The hot feeling brings discomfort to the user.


Basing on the product performance, the price of the product is really low and  a real deal in the market among shoulder support.