Natural Breast Enlargement by Exercises, Food, Pills and Supplements

Natural Breast Enlargement

Have fuller boobs the natural way

Breasts are among physical features men noticed and admired swiftly about women.  Others prefer their ladies to have fuller, bigger ones while others prefer the natural size their woman have.  Still, breasts are breasts and for some, the bigger, better and the more attractive they are.  Some will do whatever it takes to reach their aim of improving their asset “naturally”.  Natural breast enlargement ways are as follows:

Natural Breast Enlargement

Mixture of dairy and fruit

According to a research, daily intake of milk and papaya juice mixed together is one of the bestnatural breast enhancements. If this isn’t good for you due to lactose intolerant or other milk allergy, the best alternative is to eat fresh papaya daily.

Do the pectoral exercise

Before engaging to an exercise, make sure it can help you attain to have a natural breast enlargement fast.  Muscles on the chest, when exercised daily swell and will make your breast look bigger.

Take female supplementsnatural breast enhancements

Natural herbs and health supplements can also help your “asset” to look fuller and bigger after months of taking it religiously

Eat and drink foods with protein

Eating foods rich in protein are also a natural breast enlargement trick.  Good sources of protein are:

  • Milk
  • Peanut butter
  • Chicken
  • Lean fish
  • Nuts

Replaced sodas, sugar, processed and fast foods with water and protein rich foods for a healthier you.

Massage it

The tissues in your breasts must also have a good massage.  Rumor has it that it can help in the natural breast enhancement process.

Fenugreek rub

A popular herb and spice, fenugreek is a natural supplement that can help you in improving your breast size.  Have a good massage of its cream and you’ll notice your breast improvement.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Increasing the amount of estrogen in your body can help you have bigger breasts.  Birth control pills are filled with estrogen.  A once a day breast enhancement pills  can be of great help but remember to consult a physician before taking it.

Do the yoga

Some women are not keen on doing pushups. Tissues and fats in your breast can also be exercised by doing yoga.


Lactose intolerance can also enjoy natural estrogen by drinking soya milk and eating soy products.

Take multivitamins

Sometimes, women are not herbal supplement fans, having multivitamins is a good option.  Vitamins A, C and E promote healthy skin as well as collagen production than can help increase your breast size.

Wear push up bras

Push up bras has been around for decades. It can help make your bust grow larger and fuller if worn correctly.  Be sure to use a padded bra that fits you.  Don’t stuff your bra with tissues or any material other than breast pads that can ruin the natural and the actual shape of your asset.

Make up can do a miracle

If you are wearing low-neck blouse or dress, apply darker powder in your cleavage area emphasizing the sidelines of your breast. Using a sponge, do a fine alignment on your cleavage to make your boobs look bigger.

Have a good posture

Walking, standing and sitting in a slouch manner also affect the look of your boobs.  You should maintain a good posture so that your boobs can look naturally bigger and firmer; stomach in, chest out technique is a must.

Emphasize it

If you are a person who wants to flaunt your asset around, wear dresses that emphasize your asset. Wear any of the following to enhance and make it look fuller:

  • Low cut dresses or shirt
  • Dresses with the underwire where your breast can noticed easily
  • Pendant necklace can attract attention, especially if it hangs between your busts.