A majority of adults have heard of removing hair with lasers but are unfamiliar with the process of laser hair regrowth. This can be an effective treatment for people who may have genetic or other considerations that make them unlikely candidates for more well known techniques. Laser hair regrowth can be quite effective at stopping hair loss and/or stimulating new growth.

Using red lights, lasers target follicles that have ceased to grow hair. The laser hair regrowth system directs an intermittent pulse to the affected area to promote healing. This same procedure is used to treat skin irregularities such as scars and in anti-aging applications.

While effective, laser hair regrowth therapy will require several treatments to achieve the desired results. The most common session entails treating the entire area with an all-inclusive laser. However, if there is more severe damage, the laser may be directed to individual follicles to bring about healing. If the latter is the case, it will require more time. If a patient discontinues treatment he/she could notice a decrease of hair growth and/or thinning in the affected area. The procedure can be done in specialty clinics, day spas, or a plastic surgeon’s office. Since this is an elective procedure and rarely covered by insurance, your family doctor or hospital is unlikely to offer laser hair regrowth treatments.

This therapy isn’t for everyone and you should discuss all options with your provider to be sure it will work well for you. For example if you have stopped all hair growth, laser hair regrowth may not be for you. If you have just noticed thinning in an area, you have a better chance of having positive results. While this should not be considered a permanent solution it can offer a temporary halt to hair loss.

Laser hair regrowth offers treatment with very rare cases of negative impact. By stimulating blood flow to damaged follicles it is possible to stop hair loss and trigger new growth with a proven, safe, and non-invasive procedure. There is a possibility of chafing or irritation from the hardware of the system itself. For some patients the worst case scenario is their hair did not respond and they did not grow hair.

Depending on the area to be treated your session could last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Generally you will be in a chair where a cap apparatus will be placed on your head. Laser lights will flash across your scalp, stimulating the cells. Since there is no skin penetration, there is no pain or discomfort associated with laser hair regrowth. There are laser combs available for augmenting the testaments at home. It is a matter of running the comb over the affected area to offer additional stimulation. You should talk to your provider to see if the additional treatment would be beneficial in your case.

Laser hair regrowth offers treatments that are painless when compared to hair grafts or transplants. Much less time is involved with recovery as opposed to other methods of hair restoration. Keep in mind that, depending on the condition of your scalp and hair follicles, it will take several visits to achieve your laser hair regrowth goals. Your provider will be able to give you an idea of how long and how many visits.

Evaluate your own condition with the help of a trained professional to make an informed decision on your suitability for laser hair regrowth. This will prevent an unnecessary expense on your time and money.

One Extreme Side Effect that Some Birth Control Pills Can Cause

In exchange for the initial, temporary headaches and nausea, we are offered shorter, lighter menstrual periods, larger breasts, clearer skin, and of course, protection from getting pregnant in exchange for using the birth control pill. When taken correctly, “the pill” is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. And although highly encouraged to not smoke (especially if you are over age 35), and to use other forms of protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), doctors rarely, if ever, discuss with their patients the long list of other potential side effects. It’s only upon further investigation through reading the microscopic print on the pill’s packet insert or online reviews that one comes across the lengthy breakdown. They may not be as common, but these side effects can still effect you.

If you were asked, “Would you like a shorter, lighter period?” it’s unlikely you’d reply, “No, thanks. I like my periods they way I like my make-up: heavy and obnoxious.” But what if you were told that along with the luxury of this easier period, you may also experience hair loss? Not so sure about your answer now, right? Although not as common as some other side effects of the pill, hair loss does happen to some women. Devastated, scared, and desperate to turn this back around, women who experience hair loss from the pill may switch to other brands. Some may help, but some don’t. At the risk of continued hair loss, when do you stop and say “Enough“? The American Hair Loss Association recommends only using pills with a low-androgen index, but this still is not a guarantee you won’t experience hair loss.

Usually it happens within the first initial weeks, if not days, of using the first pack of pills. Hair falls out in handfuls, in the shower, on the hairbrush, in your hands…At first, you wonder if it’s just your imagination or are you really losing a ton of hair? After a few days, you realize you are losing a lot of hair-definitely more than normal for you-and find out it may be caused from the pill. You are left with the choice of waiting for it to surpass (within the first 3 months usually, according to doctors), switching brands of pills, or discontinuing the pill altogether. The choice is up to you, but the result is still there regardless. It could take months or years to grow it back, depending on how much you’ve lost. At a fast pace, hair can begin to break off or fall out at the root. Since hair is one feature we use to identify ourselves as women with, it’s not hard to understand the heartbreak of watching clumps of hair go down the drain day after day.

So, what can you do to prevent hair loss from taking the pill? Read over all of the potential side effects for every brand of birth control pill you are prescribed. Discuss all of it with your doctor, not just the side effects that are “most common”. Get all of the facts before you make a decision, ask friends for their recommendations (if they’re on the pill), and go over your family’s health history. Taking daily vitamins, especially with added Biotin, can help keep hair healthy and strong, along with eating a healthy diet. Stressing about your hair loss will, unfortunately, only make it worse since stress can have it’s own list of harmful effects. Get enough rest and consider other alternatives to the pill if you decide that it’s not worth the risk of losing your hair.

Your Skin is like a mirror which shows how much you care for your self. Taking care of your skin is important in order to look and feel beautiful. There are dozens of  body lotions available in the market and how can you find out which one will suit you better?. Some body lotions are suitable for specific skin types, some are limited to apply only on face, neck and hands, some might provide anti ageing benefits and this list is not complete yet. For each and every person, the skin differs and so the body lotion to. It is difficult to pick the perfect one for you unless you try by yourself.


Free body lotion samples

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So, you are trying a new lotion to see whether it suits your skin type and how well it address your unique skin care concerns. In this process, if you are not happy with that body lotion then you might not love to continue using it. Finally, you are disappointed to know that after investing so much money in a body lotion, you end up not liking it. What will you do in this situation? Will you throw the high priced body lotion in garbage or continue using it because you have paid a huge amount for it? This seems to be a tricky question, isn't it? Yes, whatever you decide to do but ultimately you feel that you have lost so much money for the product that you really don't love. Here comes a solution for this and it is Free body lotion samples. Does it sound interesting to you? Then you would definitely love to know more about it.

Free body lotion samples by mail

Free body lotion samples are really convenient to use without spending even a penny. Cool, isn't it?

What are the advantages of Free body lotion samples?



Let us consider a situation, where in you are on a road trip for a long time and You need to apply a body lotion several times a day. Would you prefer to carry a big lotion bottle in your hand bag or a handy sample pouch which doesn't occupy much space? These sample sized pouches or bottles are so ideal to use on the go. These free body lotion samples can not replace your big bottle anyway but it comes handy in mos of the situations.  The most important benefit is that you are not paying for these samples and they are totally free.

Why do companies prefer to give free body lotion samples?

The companies who manufacture the body lotions do give free samples for the following reasons.

  • Spread awareness: If the company have not achieved a big brand name, then these free samples might help them to spread the awareness about their product. If the people who have used the free samples love the product then they will definitely buy them.
  • Get feedback about their product: A sampling program will definitely help those companies to get feedback and reviews about that product. The people who have used the sample includes bloggers and website owners, whose reviews can be more effective.
  • Surprise the existing customers: Sending free body lotion samples to already existing customer would definitely surprise them also gives an opportunity to express the thankfulness to a loyal customer.
  • Winner or loser: Through sampling, the companies can find out whether their product will be a winner after launching  it. They can very well get feedback and reviews based on that they can conclude whether this product will be a hit or not.  If the results are not satisfying, then the company make few tweeks to make it a best seller.

How to get free body lotion samples?

It is so irritating if you are asked to fill in loads of surveys before you get a free body lotion samples. In some cases, there will be negative scams involved with them too. So,it is better to know safe ways to obtain free body lotion samples from the company.

  • Approaching the company by writing them is a better way to get free body lotion samples. You can visit their website and get the contact information to write an email to them.
  • Some genuine websites do send free body lotion samples, you need to spend some time to find these websites and request for free samples.
  • Social media like Facebook, twitter, etc are a better way to approach to get free body lotion samples.  All you need to do is like their page and follow them regularly. Many companies prefer to send free samples to their Facebook follower first.
  • Some online giants who sell products, like Amazon do allow people to write reviews.  Top reviewer do get an opportunity to get free body lotion samples shipped to them.
  • A blogger who reviews about the latest products can definitely request for free body lotion sample from the company. You can become a reviewer and get the samples.
  • There are test groups available, you can join these test groups to test the latest products and give your feedback.
  • Your favourite beauty store do give free body lotion samples, try requesting for one from the sales person.

Important points to be noted:

  • It is better to create a separate email address when you are requesting for free body lotion samples. These companies never spam your email but it is better to stay on the safer side.
  • These free body lotion samples are limited and you can not request more for one address.
  • Be patient after requesting for these samples, it might take to reach your house.
  • If you are not going to use a product, then simply requesting for one and pilling up in our house is of no use. Never request a product which you will never use.
  • If you are lucky, sometimes instead of free body lotion samples, the company might send you a free coupon to purchase the full product itself.
  • These free body lotion samples are minimised and you can use it for one to four times.
  • Some company do prefer to send a coupon to get discount on the original product along with free body lotion sample. You can definitely utilise them when you really loge the product.

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What is beauty? To some, it is how they look and to some it is how they dress and to some it is just about happiness. Whatever be the definition, beauty products have definitely been on the up for a long time now. Whether it is your hair or your face or your eyes or the skin, there is a solution to further beautify it to make you look more charming and enamoring. But with so many options in the market, it is not quite easy to decide on the kind of product that will best suit you or the brand you can rely completely upon. So what is it you can do to ensure that you have the right product that matches with your physical attributes or get the right brand that will suit you? Well, the answer is simple. Sample them.


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Why do you need samples?

With samples, it will be easier for you to decide on the product that your skin and your body accepts without wasting money on the entire pack only to know that it doesn’t suit you. Also these sample packs are quite good when you have to take them on a travel.  And if you do like the sample, you would be surprised by the kind of coupons you can cash in when you buy the actual product pack.

There are also many companies and manufacturers who give out free samples to their target customers in the hopes of enticing them with the best qualities of the product. The samples are handed out quite generously and very happily too.

Beauty samples of makeup

When you are referring to beauty samples, how can you not include that of the makeup? There is a wide range of makeup products available in the market including foundation creams, eye liners, blushes, bronzers, concealers, lipsticks, mascara and more. Many makeup brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Revlon, Urban Decay, etc. offer free samples of each of these products from time to time to customers who are interested in them.

Shampoo samples

Another major part of the makeup is your hair and shampoos have a huge role in making them glossy and shiny every day. But wouldn’t you want to know the kind of shampoo that will suit your hair better than the others? Well, take a sample and test out which one works well for your hair type. These hair care product samples are so compact that they are the best to take with you while traveling. And then you don’t have to worry about having a beautiful hairdo anymore.

Perfume samples

Bringing pleasantness in your conversation is not all about your communication skills. Your presence and inevitably, your smell has a huge influence and hence the popularity of perfumes since the Egyptian civilization. If you are an ardent fashionista, then you would know the importance of wearing the right kind of perfume and the cost of having one for yourself. And not all stores allow you to try out every perfume they have. So, the best way to know the right one before spending huge money on it is by testing out the samples.

What more? The samples are given in form of vials which are so cute and tiny that they are the best company for traveling. Sometimes you can also get the samples on a postcard. If you get them in the form of vial, then you can add them to your vanity bag for traveling and if you are getting in a postcard, then freshen up your clothes in the cupboard by placing these along with them.

Free samples are the best way to test out the goods without paying for it. They are lighter on your pocket and they make you happy too. You get the chance to test different brands as well. The free samples can be ordered via mail or you can get them in the respective stores at times. Use them wisely and enjoy your day!


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Free Makeup Samples by mail

If you are a person who loves to try variety of makeup products that are inline to latest trends then these free make up samples will look impressive to you. I can understand your craze to try those latest products, be it a lipstick or a hair mousse but pouring your hard earned money into them before even you know whether it works for you might sound crazy, isn't it? True and without stretching your wallet you can try new products that hits market will be a better option. Here in this post we are going to list the free makeup samples trials daily.


Free Make up samples


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How to get free Makeup samples in Mail?

You can receive these free make up samples through mail after requesting them. Free make up samples of top brands are available to try. You can approach those companies by writing to them to send free make up samples to try, so that you can give them your reviews about the product. A new trend is also emerging of people writing to these popular brands to get the free make up samples. The best way to request is through their website, you will be able to see “About us” or “Help” or “Contact us” option in their website. Click on those options and fill in their online form and submit. Some companies give their email address to write an email, you can send an email to this email address requesting for free make up sample.

How to get free make up samples from the stores?

How much exciting will it be when you visit your favourite beauty store? This excitement is far behind to be explained in words. But, have you ever requested for a free make up sample from your beauty store? No, then you should do once to try those latest beauty products for free. Departmental store counters can even give you free samples. It all depends on how to request them and you can definitely walk away with a free make up sample.

Wondering what are test groups?? There are few product test groups available and their work is to test the latest products and give their feedback. You can join any of these groups and grab an opportunity to try latest make up products. You will be asked to fill in few surveys and you even get full product after testing.


Free Makeup samples

Some of the beauty stores regularly send free make up samples while you place order with them through online. All you need to do is find out those sites and place order to get those free make up samples. You will be given an option to request for free makeup samples while you check out. In some websites, they will let you to choose the free make up sample of your wish.

All you need to do is like the Facebook page of these companies. Companies prefer to give out free make up samples to their Facebook fans first and definitely you will be one among them to receive.

Why do these companies send samples?

In today's internet world, there are lots of blogs and websites that write about cosmetics, beauty products, etc. In fact, write ups done on beauty products are most demanding and see increased traffic. They request the company to send free samples to them so that they can try and give their reviews in their blogs or websites. Some companies even take initiative to give away free make up samples on their own without people requesting, one among them  is keeping inside popular magazines as a free bee. It is really good that companies are giving away free make up samples but, why do these companies prefer to send free make up samples anyway?

  • It is relatively cheaper to manufacture mini size samples and they can easily afford to send samples.
  • One of the ways to attract customers, if you like the samples the probability of purchasing the product is more. You may even recommend these products to your friends or family either through word of mouth or even in your blog.
  • Apart from you requesting, some companies voluntarily send free make up samples of their latest product with the product that you order from them. If you like the free sample definitely you end up buying the product and hence boosts the sales of that product.

Tips for getting free makeup samples:

Here are the tips that will come handy if in case you are pretty new and don't know how to go about requesting free make up samples.

  • First, you make a list of makeup products that you really love and their company names. This will help you to identify correctly on which company's products that you use and would love to try.
  • Browse their website to get the contact information. After getting the contact information, type in an email to them. Start your email with a small introduction about yourself, your personal experience about their product, next write them on how many people recommend their product and finally request for free make up samples. Your letter needs to be sincere and should express on how much you love their product.
  • Never ask for free make up sample bluntly or at the beginning of the letter.
  • When you are requesting free make up samples from a departmental store, after patiently you hear on what the sales person talks about their product. You tell them that you are really interested in those products but would love to try a sample first before you go about purchasing. After getting the free sample don't forget to t hank the sales person and even if the sales person refuses to give you instead of getting angry try in different counter.
  • There will be free promotions or campaigns going on in your beauty store, so check your local paper or online to find out what promotions are happening.


Prolazyme review

From Ultralite Nutrition, the Prolazyme is claimed to build muscles, improve energy and help with your overall health. As per the claims by the manufacturer, the Ultralite Nutrition, the Prolazyme has more than 100 different nutrients in the mix including multiple vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids, everything you need to have a energetic body and a strong build.

Prolazyme ultralite nutrition reviews

What’s in the make?

As per the manufacturer Ultralite Nutrition, the Prolazyme consists of many health promoting nutrients and some of them are,

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  1. Chymopapain and Papain which is an extract from the Papaya and is stated to be good against inflammation.
  2. Bromelain extracted from Pineapple to help fight fat.
  3. Bacillus Probiotics, good bacteria said to help with a better digestive system.
  4. Other enzymes to help breaking down the protein we intake into amino acids and peptides.

The tablets are intended only for people of age 12 years and above. The recommendation is to ingest one tablet or capsule per day for better results.

Benefits you can gain

There are many benefits which one can derive from the list of ingredients specified by the manufacturer.

  • The Papain and the Chymopapain, which are basically extracts from the fruits of Papaya, help treating shingles, sore throat and other such inflammations. These are extracted from unripened fruit and can also act as antioxidants boosting your immunity.
  • Bromelain, which is another fruit extract, the pineapple is said to help with osteoarthritis along with helping the person to reduce fat. It is often used by body builders to keep them relaxed and remove the excess fat.
  • Concentrated plant food known as the Super Greens Power blend, which is abundant in multiple vitamins and minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, chlorophyll, enzymes and zinc. The Ultralite Nutrition, manufacturer of this product promises that this product will improve the pH balance and promote the growth of new cells.
  • Sea Buckthorn is another herb in the making which is said to have abundant of vitamins like A, C, B1, B2 and B6 along with multiple other nutrients and phytonutrients. The herb is also known to have omega and fatty acids much required by human body.
  • Probiotics, a type of Bacillus strain which is said to help with digestion problems, improve immunity, etc.

However, one has to note that there is no specific listing provided on the back of the label or the website detailing the list of ingredients and their nutritional value. What we have here is based on the claims made by the manufacturer. Also there is no indication of any testing by third party or any clinical evidence supporting these claims. The product is not evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for it doesn’t cure or treat or prevent the occurrence of a disease. By nature, it is only a supplement to boost up your muscle mass and energy levels.

Are there any side effects?

There are certain things to bear in mind while taking this supplement. The ingredients which are listed and claimed to be beneficial can turn harmful if you take in higher doses. For instance,

  1. The Papain which is said to help with sore throat can cause permanent throat damage if administered in high doses.
  2. Excessive dosage of Bromelain can cause discomfort to your intestines and stomach. It is also expected to instigate allergic reactions to those who are already suffering from allergies.

Do note that there is no clear indication on the presence of these ingredients and the % of their inclusion in the mix on the website of the company or on the nutrition label of the product.

Why is Prolazyme different from other supplements?

It is a very common knowledge that enzymes help in breaking down the foods into respective nutrients thereby helping us with energy levels and a better metabolism. So if our body is not receiving enough enzymes from our daily intake, we need to take a supplement for the same. Now, why should one choose Prolazyme? Here are some reasons.

  1. It is an optimal combination of systemic and digestive enzymes and hence is considered to be a “synergistic enzyme supplement.” These enzymes ensure that your body is provided with the required minerals and vitamins which are otherwise missing. The combination of these enzymes is made in such a way to provide you optimal benefits.
  2. The enzyme capsule is coated specially to ensure that the enzymes are released not at once but gradually over the day.
  3. There are no synthetic or artificial ingredients in the product and it is 100% natural. It uses extracts from the nature to provide you with the necessary nutrients and enzymes.

Who can take Prolazyme?

While the product is a nutritional supplement, it can be ingested by anyone above the age of 12. However, it would be more beneficial, to those who are suffering from digestive problems, obesity or lack of energy. The enzymes in the product can help boost up your energy levels, fight against fat and help with your digestion. As a result, you will see yourself being in better mood and better weight while your skin will radiate freshness. Given that this is completely made of natural elements, there is no possible harm expected. It would however be wise to consult a doctor if you have allergic reactions and ensure that you do not take beyond the prescribed limit.

Where and how to get Prolazyme?

Given that the product requires being stored in specific temperature to retain its vitality, the Prolazyme is not stored out of any other market other than the company website. You will have to buy it directly from Ultralite Nutrition. You can buy them in a single bottle or as a package as per your requirements.

Given the lack of information on the ingredients by the company, it is better to make sure you do not overdose yourself with the supplement but be wary in how you take it.

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How to apply for social security disability

Depending on certain disabling conditions, physically and mentally, the Social Security Administration (SSA) department of the US Government offers certain benefits to the person suffering from it. The conditions are generally those that disable the person from earning their wages or making enough income to support themselves. There are Social security Disability insurance and Supplemental Security income, both of which are awarded to those who have filed for disability post verification and checks.


Social security disability benefits

Not everyone will be able to apply for these benefits. One has to have at least one severe medical impairment as mentioned in the list provided by SSA. The list is divided into two parts A and B. The Part A deals with adult related medical issues while Part B is more for the children. Anyone of age above 18 years is considered as an adult while the less than 18 years is categorized into childhood listing.

Social security disability list of impairments

The Part A of the list is applicable to the adults and the Part B is for the children. If none of the category in Part B fits the symptoms or the issues faced by anyone below 18 years of age, then Part A listing is taken into consideration. There are 14 categories in Part A namely,

  1. Musculoskeletal system disorders like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, etc.
  2. Special senses and speech related disorders
  3. Respiratory problems like Asthma
  4. Cardiovascular system issues like heart failure or high blood pressure.
  5. Digestive system related problems
  6. Genitourinary disorders like kidney failure
  7. Hematological disorders
  8. Skin problems like dermatitis, burns, etc.
  9. Endocrine disorders like obesity, diabetes.
  10. Congenital disorders affecting multiple systems
  11. Neurological disorders
  12. Mental disorders like ADHD, Anxiety, etc.
  13. Cancer – all types
  14. Immune system problems

The Part B has 15 categories related to children which include all the 14 categories of Part A and additionally a category where the child is of low weight at birth causing difficulties to survive for the child. For detailed listing on what are the diseases covered under each of these categories, you can visit the official website of SSA.

While it is required for your cause of disability to be part of this listing, it is not mandatory. There could be several other reasons due to which a person might be disabled from earning the daily income. The presence of the issue in the listing is merely one step in the process of disability filing. In such cases, where the problem is not part of the listing, the examiner will move onto the next step of verification for disability processing.

social security disability list of impairments

Are there any Social Security loopholes?

Of course, like every other complicated strategy, the social security benefits also have certain loopholes which can be exploited. The most used and exploited one is the spousal benefits which is the benefits reaped by one based on the benefits filed for by the other. The concept works like this. Let us say that one of the spouses, the husband has reached the retirement age. He can file for the benefits under social security and the wife even while working can file for spousal benefits alone and enjoy 50% of what the husband gets. So if the husband is getting say $500, then the wife will get $250 every month. So if the husband just lets the benefits suspended and reapply at 70 years, he can maximize the returns while enjoying with the wife’s half of the spousal benefit.

The social security offers 50% of your retirement benefits to your minor children as well, which if properly used and invested can really come in handy when they come of age, or when they reach 18 years of age. And this 50% will not affect that of your spouse’s 50% which means you stand to gain 100% on your benefits even after suspending it for say 5 years. Given that these are legal methods to make more money, there is no cause for feeling guilty.

Eligibility criteria for social security disability benefits

There are two main aspects which need to be fulfilled for you to be eligible for social security disability benefits schemes – SSDI and SSI.

  1. The first is that you must have worked in one of the jobs as covered by the Social security.
  2. The disability that is interfering with your job is part of the impairment list published by SSA.

Monthly cash payouts are generally made to those who are unable to earn their income for more than a year owing to a disability. These benefits continue until you are able to work again or regain your status back as a qualified person. In case the disability benefits are being received during your retirement age, then upon the FRA (full retirement age) the same will get converted to your retirement benefits.

Checking the status of your disability claim

DDS is the agency that deals with approving or denying any disability claim, be it for SSI or SSDI or both. The agency has examiners who will gather data, evaluate the claim and either approve or deny it basis their information. Whenever a claim is denied or approved, a letter is sent to the claimant by the DDS.

  1. When approved, you will receive a letter informing you of the same and also a list of benefits you will be receiving as part of the claim. The letter will be sent by the SSA itself and not the DDS in that case.
  2. When denied, the DDS will be sending you a denial letter stating the reasons for rejection.


It is therefore important that you keep your Social Security agency office appraised of any change in your mailing address. More often than not your response will reach you in 90 days from the time of filing and if not, it is prudent to check with the local Social security office. In case of SSI claims, there will be a final end line interview to see if the applicant meets the non-medical aspects for SSI disability benefits.

Disability application

There are two programs funded for and provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) department for the people who have been disabled from earning their daily wages namely,

  1. SSDI – Social Security Disability insurance for those who have been disabled while being on work and have been part of the social security system, paying taxes for years. The benefits in this scheme are paid to anyone who fits this category irrespective of their family income or their assets.
  2. SSI – Supplemental Security income is for those who need some form of insurance to meet their daily needs and who haven’t been part of the social security system or have paid taxes before. In this case, there is a limit to the personal assets or family income above which the SSI is not generally granted.


disability application

Who can apply?

There is a huge list of medical impairments detailing the criteria which makes a person eligible for applying for disability. There are a set of conditions and proofs required for you to be considered for disability. To avail the disability claim, one should be able to,

  1. Prove with medical documents that they have at least one severe impairment as per the list.
  2. Prove that the medical condition is interfering with their work and hence causing them to lose out on wages.
  3. Prove that there is no other employment option to switch to for reasons like lack of skills, or lack of qualification or age.
  4. The medical condition should be severe enough to cause disruptions to the work for at least a year. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to wait a year after you are disabled to apply. When you apply, the examiner will see if the condition will be a long lasting one or is recoverable in a couple of months.

How do I file for disability?

You can always visit the field office near you for Social security and fill out the form. However, filing a disability application does not require you to go to the field office of social security always. You can also apply for it over the phone or with an application form online.

Over the phone: You can contact the social security office in your location and ask them for an appointment for a claim through SSDI or SSI or both. Once you have placed your request, your representative will ensure the application and the necessary medical forms are filled as per your information. They will send across a medical release form for you to sign and return on post. Sometimes you will be asked to provide additional documents, proofs, etc. , especially in the case of SSI. Again in this case, you will be given a paid postage envelope to send across the documents. Once they have been reviewed, the documents will be sent back to you on post.

Online application: The online application can only be made if you are claiming for SSDI. For SSI, you will need to get in touch with a claims representative, as that is the requirement. When you are filing your application online for SSDI, you will have to fill in the details in the medical report. Also, the medical release form in the online forum has to be printed, signed and sent to the local social security center from your end. The medical release form is not acceptable with digital signature.

In person application: This is the most advocated method for it ensures that the claims representative gets all the information he/she needs about you and ensures that all the forms are in order. Also you can hand over the medical release form immediately ensuring that there is no delay.

Irrespective of the channel through which you apply, you have to ensure that the medical release form is returned to the social security office within 30 days from the date of filing your disability. The forms are then sent to DDS (Disability Determination Services) who assign an examiner to verify the claim and make the decision.

Can you work while on disability?

This is a very serious concern raised and many are even afraid to take up work for worry that their claim will get rejected. However, SSA has a set of rules for those who can pursue a part time or a full time job while continuing to receive their disability benefits.  There is however a predefined limit on the income you can receive while on disability benefits referred to as the Substantial Gain Activity (SGA).

TWP (Trial Work Period): As part of a testing period, the beneficiary of the disability claim can continue to work to test their abilities. The TWP is only for nine months during which one can earn any amount of income while continuing to receive the full benefits. There is a $810 income limit per month and anything above that is considered as a TWP month. These nine months need not be consecutive. Of course, you can remove the expenses related to your impairment from the income to ensure wrong calculation of TWP.

EPE (Extended Period of Eligibility): This period is for 36 months when the claimant can continue to receive benefits provided their income is less than the SGA and he/she continues to be disabled. After 36 months though, the benefits will terminate, if you continue to earn beyond SGA.


can you work while on disability secrets

Tips to get disability benefits

Statistics show only 3 out of ten applications are granted the benefits. Here are some secret tips to help you gain more points in your favor while applying for disability.

  • Provide a complete and a detailed medical report including the treating physicians’ contacts, treatment facilities and ensure that your reports are not older than 90 days.
  • Provide a supporting letter from your treating doctor on the limitations you face owing to the disability and why you need the benefits.
  • Ensure that you submit all the requested records within the provided timelines to the assigned examiner for a quick processing.
  • Last but not the least never hesitate to follow up with the examiner on your claim status.

A Natural melatonin Supplement for Getting Proper Sleep

With each passing day, it has become harder for adults to get adequate sleep during the night. The reason behind it is none other than extended working hours that most people have to experience in this highly competitive era. Because of more workload every day, employees go home late regularly and as a result, their sleeping times get shorter. It is not the case for every single person, but millions of people do suffer from inadequate sleep daily. Even when these people have a good eight hours for sleeping, they keep tossing and turning in bed due to the tension of work or their life routine that gets deeply affected.

NATROL melatonin Relax and Sleep Review

Adequate sleep is highly important for a person's health. If one sleeps improperly and not sufficiently, their body starts to break down. The effects are not visible immediately, but a regular poor sleeping pattern can lead to severe issues. A person with such a sleeping pattern is more likely to become easily irritable and highly moody and might begin losing cognitive functions and gain weight.

To combat this problem, there is a variety of sleeping aids available in the market that help people sleep better than before. However, not very brand is trustable. If you want to try a specific product, it is recommended to visit your doctor and ask them about it. You can also meet your doctor and ask them to prescribe you sleep medication with relative ease. There are copious benefits of these supplements. They can help you get sufficient sleep and will keep you away from severe health conditions that are subjected to poor sleeping.

However, there is a side effect of sleeping pills too. The problem is that users can get entirely dependent on sleeping aids and might forget to sleep naturally. Users will find great relief through these sleeping aids, but sadly, they might have to stay on the pills forever to get proper rest unless they try to wean themselves off this medication. As a matter of fact, this entire process of getting rid of pills can aggravate a person's sleeping problems.

That is why it is not at all wise to use sleeping drugs because then you'll want them for the rest of your life. Other than sleeping pills, there are other harmless medications too that you can take for acquiring a proper sleep such as NATROL.

NATROL has produced many products that help eradicate sleeping issues. Rather than using contentious elements like chemicals, NATROL uses purely natural ingredients that assist in boosting the body's ability to put itself to sleep. All of its melatonin products make sure that users have no sleeping issues at all, no matter what their causes of sleep deprivation are. Here is a detailed review of NATROL's Relax and Sleep Pack.

NATROL’s Relax and Sleep Pack

The NATROL Relax and Sleep pack has been completely designed by health care professionals, and it contains no harmful ingredients like chemicals, habit-forming elements, and other things. This package includes the three supplements that are required to help a person relax and sleep. These supplements are melatonin, magnesium, and L-theanine.


The Relax and Sleep pack comes in pharmacy-grade, advanced packaging that is pretty unique and convenient. Simply press the tablets out of their separate compartments. Yes, all tablets have an individual room. You don't have to count or sort the tablets, and the best part is that there is no stress of doing these things. All tablets are already sorted by weeks and days, so you don't have to bother remembering which day's tablet you missed or whether you took your pill or not.


The NATROL Relax and Sleep pack has all the essential things that a person requires for having a good night's sleep. It has L-theanine, magnesium, and melatonin that help provide an adequate amount of sleep naturally to those people who find it hard to sleep properly at night and have irregular sleeping patterns. It allows the person to sleep by relaxing their mind. It is the prime function of this tablet. It assists in relaxing the mind by fighting off stress and anxiety. As a result, the mind becomes calm, and you get a healthy and complete sleep during the whole night. Not just that, but by having a proper sleep, you will feel more fresh, active, and alert in the morning because your brain will be relaxed.


This pack contains all the natural ingredients that help a person calm down and have an adequate sleep. I have already mentioned the names of these elements, but here are some details about them.natrol melatonin stress and anxiety reviews

  • L-theanine: It is primarily an amino acid that contains the components of green tea. It helps relax the mind in a better manner and, as a result, brings peaceful sleep.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps regulate one's sleep. A proper quantity of magnesium helps the body have relaxed sleeping cycles.
  • Melatonin: It is a hormone that is naturally generated in the body. Its function is to regulate the healthy sleeping patterns.


One pack contains pills for an entire month. All the tablets are distributed in different compartments with weeks' and days' labels at the bottom. A person has to take one entire compartment (that contains three pills) before going to bed. If you're starting this course from Friday, open up Friday's compartment rather than Monday's to keep track of your progress.

Side Effects

All the supplements in NATROL Relax and Sleep pack contain the elements that are needed by the body in any way. Moreover, all the ingredients used are entirely natural and help provide a better sleep for the sleep-deprived person. Hence, it contains no known side effects.


You can easily get the NATROL Relax and Sleep pack online from NATROL’s official website.

Garcinia Cambogia is the scientific name for the well known tropical fruit, Malabar Tamarind. The fruit extract pill is quite famous for its weight loss effects or rather the ability to block any fat build up in the body. It is also said to control your appetite reducing your intake considerably. There are also talks on the same having a better check on the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You can find this in the shelf housing the diet supplement products with other similar ones. People are even referring it to be the holy grail of weight loss.

Let us delve deeper to find what the hype is all about and whether it really works as it promises.

What is pure Garcina Cambogia extract?

The Malabar Tamarind is a pumpkin like fruit but is quite tiny compared to the pumpkins. They are generally found in the regions of Indonesia, South west India and Myanmar. The fruit extract is nothing but the HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which is used for making these magic weight loss pills. The tree is naturally found in parts of Asia and Africa and is generally used as a spice for adding flavor while cooking sea food. The natives of these parts are not quite aware of the weight loss properties but rather they use it for other health benefits like treating ulcers, reliving arthritis pain and promoting digestion. They are better known as Gambooge fruit and is used in curries and chutneys. The purest extract from this fruit is what is said to aid with weight loss and it was first discovered in 1960s.

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Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss

Weight gain in any person is owing to two main things – overeating or eating beyond required and conversion of carbohydrates into sugars and fats rather than energy. Garcinia Cambogia helps in fighting these two major reasons for weight gain and thus promotes weight loss.

  1. The first attack of this extract is to kill your appetite. So you will be eating lesser than usual. And since your body requires energy to function, it will automatically start burning the excess fat to cope up with the energy requirements. By reducing your appetite, it helps breaking down the accumulated fat cells.
  2. The second task is ensuring that there is no further accumulation of fat cells in your body. To do that, this extract helps controlling the enzyme Citrate lyase. This is the enzyme responsible for breaking down the food we ingest into fats and sugars. When this is coGarcinia Cambogia Plus Reviewsntrolled, any carbohydrate consumed by us is excreted out of our body as waste.

Garcinia  is not just effective in reducing fat cells in the body, but it also ensures that there is no further accumulation of them either. If you are looking for scientific evidence then you will find that the HCA, a derivative of the citric acids, is naturally a suppressant of appetite. Also when mixed in the right combination, the pure extract will stop the absorption of fat cells from your food too. Additionally, the product also helps in maintaining the right level of Cholesterol, leptin, serotonin, triglyceride, etc.

Garcinia Cambogia plus benefits

The fruit rind is extensively used as a condiment in the cooking around the Asian regions. There have been many other benefits listed down for this pumpkin like small fruit. This tropical fruit is a rich source of multiple minerals and enzymes and it helps building your immunity for the better.

  1. Suppresses Appetite: The key ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is HCA which helps controlling your hunger. If you are an emotional eater, who eats when you are sad or depressed, then the intake of this product will help increase the serotonin levels controlling your emotions and turning them happier. With increased serotonin levels, your craving to have more sugar is also at low.
  2. Increased metabolism: The process of metabolism uses the energy from the food we intake and maintains a balance in your body. With increased metabolism, balanced by the HCA in Cambogia, all the carbohydrates in your food will be used as energy rather than getting stored as fat. And with decreased appetite, the metabolism will start using the fat storage in your body for the extra energy.
  3. Fat inbition: The food we intake is converted into sugars and fats with the help of the enzyme known as Citrus lyase. The HCA present in this product will help control this enzyme stopping the food from breaking into fats. This way the food we intake will then be discarded as waste by our body.
  4. Control of cholesterol: Higher amounts of lipoprotein (low density) results in cholesterol and HCA is known for lowering the production of this low density lipoprotein and in also reducing the lipid count in the blood vessels. It also enhances the production of high density lipoprotein reducing the chances of bad cholesterol in your blood.
  5. Increased immunity: The fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which is key for building your immune system. With regular intake of this fruit extract, you will be supplementing your body with extra vitamin C to keep yourself immune from illness.
  6. Lower blood pressure levels: With a lower cholesterol level, .the blood pressure also goes down giving you a healthy heart and a better life. This further reduces the chance of you falling prey to strokes and heart attacks.
  7. Happiness guaranteed: The serotonin is the hormone that helps build our mood towards happiness. HCA helps in increasing this hormone levels, causing us to feel content and happy. There will be no more chances of depression or sadness in your life with Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia side effects

The fruit as such is not harmful in anyway. So you can consume it in its natural state. But the extract, as part of the dietary supplement, does not always bear fruitful results. There have been certain side effects reported by people over time. Some of them are,

  1. The blood sugar going low as it will interact with the medicines ingested by diabetic patients.
  2. There is no conclusive and in depth research on the product for pregnant women or new mothers.
  3. Could cause an issue if the person is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer.
  4. There have been reports of upset stomach and headache which has been restricted to a particular brand and cannot be ascertained only to this extract.
  5. Skin rashes and allergies have been reported by some. But again, we do not know the exact cause of these reactions.
  6. Reports of sleeplessness are also made but that could be due to the energy released by the medicine not finding a way out.

In order for the HCA extract to be fruitful and not harmful, it should be mixed in the right combination. Also the dosage has a huge impact. It is however better to keep your doctors or physicians posted on the same before you try out any new nutritional supplement including Garcinia Cambogia.

It is also advisable that you exercise your body often when you take this supplement to vent out the energy created by the breaking down of fat cells. Also, it is better not to take this supplement beyond 12 weeks as post that you might need the basic fat requirement of your body. This might cause more problems.

Who should not take it?

Like every other product, there are also restrictions on who can and who cannot take this supplement for weight loss.

  1. The first category is women who are pregnant and those who are still breastfeeding their babies. This is because there has been no substantial tests conducted in this regard and there is no guarantee on how this will react. Also there is no clue on how this will affect the fetus or the baby feeding from the mother.
  2. If you have heart related issues, then you are strictly advised against it. The product works by increasing your metabolism and hence there will be an increased hear rate which can cause issues to people who are already suffering from heart issues.
  3. If you are using blood thinners then it is not advisable to use this product.
  4. Neither should you use it if you are suffering from diabetes.

As far as you are not suffering from any illness like diabetes or any heart related problems, then there are no qualms in you taking this product. However, you need to make sure that you get the right brand which has the HCA in the right mix and does not use any artificial or synthetic ingredient.

Does Garcinia Cambogia work?

This is a rich source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin along with HCA (Hydroxy Citric acid). The HCA is the compound claimed to act as a natural suppressant of appetite and a compound that breaks down fat cells. There is mixed opinion as to whether the product actually works as a weight loss compound. While some call it as the ultimate solution for weight loss, others do blame it for not working. Add on to the fact, that there is no solid clinical evidence, it definitely causes worry.

Again, the topic comes to the fact on how the mix is made, whether the right proportion of Garcinia Cambogia has been added to the mix or not. The claims made by multiple brands are that it helps reduce weight without the need for any form of exercise or diet. There have been testing done on animals and the results were positive in terms of weight loss. However there has been no tests done on humans and hence the results might vary.

Another point in argument is that the variations in which the ingredients are mixed can have an effect on its potency. If the HCA level is not as per the requirement then the result may not be as promised. It is indeed true that HCA can help with weight loss by suppressing appetite and by blocking Citrus Lyase in breaking down the food into fat or sugar. However, the weight loss may not always be as expected.

Garcinia Cambogia results

If you are expecting a miracle by taking Garcinia Cambogia, then you will probably be disappointed. The weight loss will be gradual but consistent. There will be initial weight loss on the first couple of days after you take Garcinia Cambogia.  In fact you might lose as much as 3 pounds in the first week of taking this. Additionally, you will feel yourself to be more energetic than usual and will be more refreshed to take the day with enthusiasm. With additional energy, you will be able to take up exercising and other physical activities which will help you to shed more weight. So combine Garnicia Cambogia with some form of physical sport or exercise and you would be surprised by the results.

When your intake is low and you are already taking healthy food, then your body will feel completely rejuvenated and will be ready to handle any challenge the life might throw your way. Also, with a healthy and refreshed body, you will have a refreshed mind as well.

How to take Garcinia Cambogia

There are two forms in which you can consume Garcinia  – pill and liquid. Whatever be the form, you need to make sure that you know the right dosage to take the pill or the drops. Studies suggest that 2800mg in a day is the right dosage, but this might vary if the ingredients are mixed in a different combo. It is therefore better to ingest this well below the dosage level mentioned in the overleaf of the supplement. You also need to make sure that you buy it from a trusted place and from a trusted company. It is important that your dosage does not exceed 1500mg of HCA every day. It would be better to read through the instructions from the manufacturer and consult with your doctor prior to ingesting this supplement.

  1. Taking as a pill: This could be a tablet or a capsule. In that case, you need to take it with water as per the instructions and it has to be consumed either 30 or 60 minutes prior to your meal. The number of times you are taking the pill will depend on the amount of HCA present in each of them. If one pill has 500mg of HCA, then you may take it three times.
  2. Liquid Garcinia: In case of liquid, you should take somewhere around 1-2 drops before your meal. Again this will vary based on the concentration of the liquid. You should take it directly on your tongue, let it linger there for a second before swallowing it. The same concept of taking the right dosage is very important. And you can have your meal after half or one hour of taking the liquid Garcinia.

All the above benefits are apart from the main advantage of weight loss guaranteed by this product. Yes, there are side effects one needs to be wary of. However, if you take a consultation from a renowned doctor and take the right dosage, you will be able to reap the full benefits of Garcinia Cambogia.

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