Pregnancy Facts and Personal Experience

Now that you might have found out that you were pregnant you must first realize this important fact: every pregnancy is different and everyone’s is unique in their own way.

I know that when we first realized that I was pregnant, I was sick to my stomach for almost two weeks. I tested myself and it showed positive. From there, we went to our local pregnancy center to get tested there too. The first time we went, it was negative. However, in the beginning stages of pregnancy, the best time to test is in the morning. So we got told to come back after a week or so and then we would see from there. I did test positive then.

So from there I went about my normal life with some changes. I had previously been taking karate and continued this until the beginning of my 8th month. But for you to consider, exercise is good for you during pregnancy. Prior to you doing certain exercises, consult with your doctor. It is one thing if you have been doing it prior to becoming pregnant compared starting after getting pregnant. And you do not want to overexert yourself either. I know that my instructors in karate watched out for me and let me know when I was pushing myself too hard. That is another thing: when working out, find someone who has trained pregnant women before because they can better tell what are your limits, especially at all of your stages.

With the consistent exercise, I was able to keep away the swelling in my ankles and I was also not diabetic. I lucked out greatly with my pregnancy. The exercise also helped with labor. I never took any of the classes because I did not have the time to do them. This is not a problem as long as you have a great doctor. So depending on your situation, I would not worry too much if you cannot get to those classes. However, if you have a chance to get to them, then take that opportunity to learn more about your day.

Working to the latest is the best. I worked until about 12 days before I had my baby. I worked as a cook, so I was on my feet for eight hours at a time. I, by then, seriously needed the break from being on my feet that long every day. Also, I had already made two trips to the E.R. cause of accidents at works and then once for not feeling the baby moving. When they say that you become more clumsy when pregnant is true. I cut two different fingers on the same hand and those were my two trips to the E.R. I had never cut myself before, so that was new to me cause I my first set of stitches.

There is so much more that I could talk about, but this is an experience that you keep some stuff to yourself cause once you experience it yourself, then you would understand. It is a great opportunity and experience. Heck, for a woman, it is a great opportunity to be a mother. Take every day as it comes. Everything will work out. Do not get stressed over the little things. And if anything, take a walk to get some exercise in. Those are just some little pointers that I can give out to you.